June 13, 2010

My favorite rain songs

Rain. So beautiful and calming yet so fascinating and magical. As I sit next to the bedroom window, I see the trees adorned with sparkling jewels of moisture and smell the air thick with the scent of the wet earth. As I hear the sounds of the patter of raindrops, the mind relaxes and the heart sings reminding me of a line I read somewhere- “All those who love sunshine have never danced in the rain!”

As a tribute to the weather in my part of the world, here are my top ten rain songs from bollywood.

1. Old is Gold! The immortal song from Awaara; completely sui generis!

2. Zeenie baby swinging in a wet sari and Kaka’s romantic mood! Love this song!

3. Hot! Hot! Hot! Sultry Smita with BigB...need I even say more? Sexiest rain song ever!

4. Mumbai monsoon and old school romance. Absolutely nostalgic.

5. The ethereal beauty of Manisha and RDB’s brilliant composition! Anil Kapoor...ahem... the less said, the better !!

6. Madz magic, Shahrukh’s charm, and Shaimak's superb choreography… Simply Fab!

7. Melodious song, beautiful picturisation and Shreya’s sweet Ash in this one!

8. Gorgeous Sri and soulful lyrics ! Makes me sad everytime I hear this number.

9. The good old days when Raveena- Akki affair was at its peak! A bit raunchy but scorching chemistry !!

10. Lastly, a Gulzaar number.… his incredible poetry always manages to move me!

I’ll end with the lyrics of the classic Beatles Rain Song-

If the rain comes
they run and hide their heads
They might as well be dead
If the rain comes
If the rain comes

Of course, there are so many more great rain songs picturised; I look forward to listening to your fave ones!