June 13, 2010

The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema

Empire magazine weighs in on the 100 best films NOT in he English language! Check to see if your favorites are in there. Form BW we have Mother India, Devdas, and Lagaan!

Here is what it says about Devdas:
Why so great?
Because it's a proper Bollywood blockbuster, that's why! Featuring three of Mumbai's biggest stars (Khan! Rai! Dixit!), based on a massively popular Indian novel, with a huge budget (in Bolly-terms, at least), a three-hour running time, opulent sets and throbbing, shimmering dance numbers. Not to mention a heavy dose of melodrama as rich boy Khan becomes torn between two women: his forbidden childhood love (Rai) and a courtesan (Dixit).
Hollywood remake?
Hmmm. A star-crossed love-triangle melodrama… Hollywood needs another one of those!


Tell us how many of these you have seen...