April 5, 2010

Shah Rukh says yes to Vidhu Vinod

Entertainment Team Date: 2010-04-05 Place: Mumbai

It's finally official. Former foes Shah Rukh Khan and Vidhu Vinod Chopra will finally work together in Vidhu's next production, Ferrari Ki Sawaari. The film is about a young boy whose dream to play cricket at Lords in England comes true, thanks to the Ferrari of a legendary cricketer. It will be directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, who has worked with Rajkumar Hirani for a long time.

Apparently, Vidhu had offered the film first to Aamir Khan, but Aamir refused as he wanted to concentrate on his several productions lined up to release this year.

Rumours had it that the two were not on friendly terms since Shah Rukh backed out of Vidhus' Munnabhai MBBS due to his back trouble. Before that, Vidhu had wanted Shah Rukh to star in Mission Impossible, but the King Khan didn't have the dates to spare. When Vidhu was casting for 3 idiots, he had apparently approached Shah Rukh but the King Khan again did not have the required dates. Their relationship further soured when Vidhu criticised Shah Rukh's Paheli. But when the two found themselves on the same side during the rift between multiplex owners and producers last year, they slowly became friends again and now it seems all izzz well with them.

I still don't believe it :(


ApexHeights said...

Nothing succeeds like success!

Someone seems to be itching to cut a 200 cr cake! hope professional hara-kiri is not been attempted here and due diligence is taken to at least read the script….. Hirani is not at the helm here and an assistant of chopra gang is attempting.

Has anyone read this book by any chance? hope the story is not too far fetched because Mr. Khan has inherent talent for over playing and screwing things up..

Nonetheless good luck !

Pardesi said...

Yes nothing succeeds like success - that is why VVC has been after SRK for every role he has ever cast, including 3 Idiots! Even his wife owes her success to SRK. I am sure whatever SRK does he will not play a college boy with bug eyes and garden pixie looks.

ApexHeights said...

going by the performance of the movies initially offered to Mr. Khan, luck seems to be favoring Chopra…….he was getting off the hook just in nick of time..

munna bhai – by sanju baba and
ranchad by ace khan

are immortalized !!

but vvc seems to be stretching this and we all know what happens if you push your luck too hard..

on the story of ferrari ki sawaari story , by far fetched I mean larger than life kind of deal , since Mr. Khan will take this as a license to dish out ham chops to us.

Pardesi said...

No amount of ham chops can equate to a bug eyed garden pixie. Simple fact.

I am glad that VVC is not offering SRK another Bhadarkar type version of "Let us FIX (fill in blank) system"!!!!

starinthemaking said...

"bug eyed garden pixie" LMAO!

But i still don't think it is true :(

Khanabadosh said...

SRK has so much work why he is going to sign a movie not directed by Hirani or atleast Chopra?

Pardesi said...

SRK's last known assignment is Don 2 as Happy New Year has been scrapped. I hope the films with Paul Schrader and or Vishal Bharadwaj happen, but no certainty. I think VVC is a better (as in visual and creative) director than Hirani, but his films are a little "deep" for regular audiences. I really liked Eklavya.

Anonymous said...

this was quite acclaimed book IIRC and last time srk took something Aamir rejected we got swades . so i hope it happens even now but than Srk is always linked with good projects but he ends up only doing films with his buddies so i wont be surprised if this is just PR stuff .

VVC style is bit complicated compared to simple style of hirani . no wonder Hirani films find more patronage among audience .

Pardesi said...

I like complicated style - Hirani is too simplistic for me, and here I mean it in the sense of comparing to SIMPLE. Hrishikesh Mukherjee made simple films, but NEVER were his films simplistic!

Rajiv said...

Finally I hope SRK starts working a variety of directors. His best performances always come when he steps out of the his friend circle´s films.

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