April 5, 2010

News of the day - Shahid's Paathshala, Vivek's Prince, TITANS!

Did Nana and Shahid work for free for Paathshala?

Very rarely do you find directors starting a production house and not directing their first film themselves. But that's what Ahmed Khan has done. Having directed LAKEER and FOOL & FINAL, besides being an accomplished choreographer and making the top most stars dance to his tunes, Ahmed decided to write his next film, produce it as well, but not direct it himself. This time, for PAATHSHAALA, Ahmed decided to entrust the directorial reins to Milind Ukey, who had directed an award winning Marathi film earlier.

Knowing Ahmed, one would've expected the top notch choreographer to pen a musical, but not a film based on the educational system, revolving around kids. But there's a story behind it. PAATHSHAALA was 'born' after Ahmed and his wife Shaira [the producer of this film], like every doting parent, decided to zero on the right school for their kids. They desired nothing but the best for their kids and their experiences slowly found their way into Ahmed's script. That's how PAATHSHAALA took shape.

Casting the right names for the film is the next hurdle that every film-maker has to cross, after he finalises the script and when Shahid Kapoor and Nana Patekar, who are close to Ahmed and Shaira, heard about the project, they readily agreed to come on board. But without a price. Rumour has it that both Nana and Shahid have done the film for free, due to their personal equations with Ahmed and Shaira. In turn, Ahmed and Shaira reciprocated the generous gesture by offering gifts to the actors.

"Nana and Shahid have been most supportive and have gone out of their way for PAATHSHAALA, but I wouldn't like to discuss if money changed hands. That's too personal," Shaira says. Agree, personal equations are truly priceless!

Can Vivek Oberoi pull off a 40 crore solo film?

At a time when most actors believe in multi-hero films, Vivek Oberoi has had the courage to accept PRINCE, a film that's riding on his shoulders. It's a risky situation. If PRINCE works, Vivek would be the new Prince of Bollywood. God forbid, if it doesn't, it would affect Vivek's standing in the industry.

"That's true," PRINCE producer Kumar Taurani admits it's a big gamble, but the veteran film-maker is extremely confident that PRINCE would strike a chord. Says Taurani, "Vivek is an extremely hard-working actor and people will see a new Vivek in PRINCE. He was co-operation personified all through the making of the film. And when I look back, I think Vivek was the right choice for the role."

Taurani has left no stone unturned to give his best to PRINCE. Besides being aggressive on the promotional front, Taurani is also giving the film the best possible release - approx. 1200 screens. "The distributors have indicated that there's tremendous excitement for the film and hence, they've decided to give it a wide release. They feel PRINCE has the potential to strike it big, hence the extensive screens," Taurani reveals!

Titans decimates BW releases

The opening weekend of PANKH and THE GREAT INDIAN BUTTERFLY was dismal… CLASH OF THE TITANS dominated the box-office, performing better than all Hindi films. Yet, the business was not at par with some of the biggest Hollywood hits in India.


Anonymous said...

i hope for sake of Aruna Shields prince is a success . she looks like perfect bw replacement of katrina :P

Pardesi said...

LOL! Like we need another Katrina replacement.

Anonymous said...

why not ? there are so many katrina fans , we will need 1000 katrina replacements or ones with similar looks .

Pardesi said...

Or lots of Music video assignments for these ladies? Films require acting.

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