April 2, 2010

Shah Rukh nominated for Time magazine 2010 100 most influential people in the world

Occupation: Bollywood actor, businessman
Previous TIME 100 Appearances: 0

Known to his adoring fans as King Khan, the superstar shows no sign of flagging at the box office: his latest vehicle, My Name Is Khan, is a critical and commercial smash. Khan produces most of his movies, which has helped make him one of Bollywood's richest men, with an estimated net worth in excess of $500 million. And he has successfully fused India's two great passions — movies and cricket — by buying a cricket team in the wildly popular Indian Premier League.


starinthemaking said...

I bet Aamir Khan wont be too happy :D

ApexHeights said...

I think Aamir was ahead in a recently compiled list of India Today and there is where it matters the most since outside India apart from the Indian diaspora they are unknown entities.

These lists have no meaning and bearing, except providing a feel good effect.

Pardesi said...

Yes, after a huge film Aamir got ahead of SRK in an India Today poll! By exactly 2 spots. Aamir began his career in the 1980s, has been ~10 years ahead of SRK in the movies so it is high time he got ahead once in a while - otherwise what is his stardom?

As for India vs. the world, let us see - India Today vs Time Magazine? Hmm, I am still thinking about this......

Minnie said...

Well said again Pardesi :-) I didn't know Time magazine was read only by the Indian diaspora!

Anonymous said...

srk always cares for people outside India and Aamir for everyone . so one is ahead in India today poll which matters most to Indians . times magazine who cares :P

ApexHeights said...

holy moly ! is this the same list where preity zinta and chetan bhagat too are listed ?

Give me a break will you !!

Minnie said...

Calm down guys! The voting is still going on....this list is not usually corrects itself by the time voting is complete.

Also, the point here is not why some people are included but rather, the more worrisome question for a certain Mr Ace Khan's fans should be why he is NOT included... :-)

starinthemaking said...

Well if the India Today list can have jokers like Baba Ramdev and Abhishek Manu Singhvi, why should any one have a problem with the TIMES list?? LOL

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