April 2, 2010

Favorite Theme Songs- The eyes have it!

As some of us were discussing on KP, it would be a great idea to continue the tradition of posting theme songs regularly at RL. We had a great beginning with Pardesi's brilliant post of her favorite Road songs and everyone pitched in with their personal favorites! While I was looking for a theme, it struck me that numerous hindi songs have been written to describe the beauty of chose this week's word- Aankhein! Join in the fun and let's see who can come up with how many songs!

Here are my top ten picks:

1. A masterpiece! This gem from the film Khamoshi simply blows me away everytime I listen to it. Gulzar’s incredible lyrics and use of complex metaphors impart the most profound meaning to this song….lyrical poetry at its best!

2. This classic song from C.I.D. sung with great gusto by Mohd. Rafi and Geeta Dutt transcends time and fashion. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that it has almost become an idiom now while conveying subtle hints in real life situations!

3. A lilting soulful melody sung beautifully by KK and picturised on a divine looking Deepika and of course Shahrukh…need I even say more? A personal favorite of mine!

4. A soft and melodious number sung beautifully by Kavita Krishnamurthy and Kumar Sanu. An amazing reel and real life chemistry between Salman and Aishwarya took this playful romantic song to another level.

5. This magical number sung by Asha Bhonsle from the movie Umrao Jaan is the stuff classics are made of! Rekha’s mesmerizing kathak as the famous courtesan only adds to the beauty of this gorgeous ghazal.

6. An awesome team came together to compose this song….music by RD Burman, lyrics by Gulzar and sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. Add sultry Rekha to this heady mix and you get near-perfection!

7. Pyaasa remains a masterpiece of Indian cinema and all songs of the movie are timeless classics. This peppy number sung by Rafi and Geeta Dutt was made immortal by the legendary Guru Dutt and Mala Sinha. An all time favorite of mine!

8. Incredible poetry! This song has romance, emotions, philosophy and melancholy all rolled in one. The combination of Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna was lethal….I doubt there will be a woman on this planet who wouldn’t melt listening to those words!

9. A soulful song capturing the beauty and innocence of a youthful romance! Ravindra Jain’s melodious music combined with Hemlata’s enchanting voice make this song very touching.

10. One of Madan Mohan’s great compositions! A handsome Sunil Dutt sings this soft romantic number to woo Asha Parekh making it unforgettable for all music lovers.



ApexHeights said...

great compilation Minnie ! and a brilliant post, more so due to bollywood’s fascination with eyes, kaajal et all.

How can we forget the mother of all these eye numbers - Saagar jaisee aankhen hain teree with the gorgeous Dimple Kapadia

ApexHeights said...

That Aap ki ankhon mein song is so beautiful to listen to and the lyrics just great.

Is that RD Burman. Kishore Kumar remains my most fav singer for hindi songs.

ApexHeights said...

Bappi Lahiri had his own charm when it came to certain type of songs and this was one of them. This song remains close to the heart. Even Asha is brilliant in this song.

Dil mein ho tum aankhon mein tum - satyamev jayate

Minnie said...

Thanks ApexHeights :-)

Aapki aankhon mein song was penned by Gulzar and
music director was RD Burman.

Saagar Jaisee Aankhon waali is a great song too...

Here are clickable links to your choices:

Saagar Jaise Ankhon wali

Dil mein ho tum aakhon mein tum

ApexHeights said...

I dont like this song much but posting it to test if I can post links successfully.

ankhon mein base ho tum</a

ApexHeights said...


ApexHeights said...

Aap ki ankhon mein... and aankhon mein humne aapke have to be best of the lot.

This one is a gem.

Aankohn mein humne aapke sapne sajaaye hain

Minnie said...

Here are two more songs I love :-)

Aankhon aankhon mein baat hone do

Aankhon mein kaajal hai

ApexHeights said...

Hey Minnie, both of them are fantastic numbers.

Rishi and Neetu look so good together.

How did rakesh roshan land up with such a beautiful number !!

Minnie said...

ROFL...maybe the only good number of his life?

Avis said...

Wow...Fantastic...Would have been perfect 10 if not for #3 :)

Now I am going to be humming Jeevan se bhari all weekend....

Saawli Saloni

ApexHeights said...

Yes Jeevan se bhari yeh aankhen is superb !

Minnie said...

Come on a sport and forget about your obsession with SRK for once :-)

Here is another one for Madz fans:

Aakhiyaan milaaon kabhi aakhiyan churaoon

Avis said...

Just kidding...I love that song...

Here is another one I like

Aakhon mein kya

Minnie said...

I didn't miss it...but this post was about the best songs, not about SRK's songs :-)

Here is another gem from yesteryears:

Aankhon mein kya ji

Caulfield said...

@Minnie - Wonderful list. Thanks. I love "Teri Aankhon ke Siva", "Aaknhon ki Gustakhiyan", "Sagar Jaise Aaknhon Waali"

There is one cheesy song I like from the 90's from he film Tumse Accha Kaun Hai

Aankh Hai Bhari Bhari

Another song I LOVE -

Bholi Si Surat AANKHON me masti


@Avis - Saawli Saloni is a shameless ripoff of this Pakistani song -

Saawli Saloni

Minnie said...

Thanks Cauli... Actually i like this cheesy song...Aankh hai bhari bhari :-)

Since we are listing cheesy ones too, here is another one :-)

Aankhon mein neendeen na dil mein qaraar

Caulfield said...

And OFC, how could I miss -

Tere Naina from MNIK

Jab Se Tere Nana

Tose Naina Lage

Naina Thag Lenge

Minnie said...

Hahaha...that's cheating Cauli :-) The word is are now going into synonym territory!

Caulfield said...

The topic of the post says -

"The EYES have it". Very difficult to find a Bollywood song with the word 'EYES'. :P

Minnie said...


"so chose this week's word- Aankhein!"


Avis said...

Yeah Cauli.. Saw that when I searched for the song.

BTW, Bholi si surat is one of my fav SRK songs..I bght a Best of SRK songs DVD some time back and mostly I play this and and Meri mehbooba from Pardes....

Caulfield said...

Ki farak painda hai. Aankehin ho ya naina. Hai toh ek hi chiz. Why not have more songs in our collection! :) Ab 'naino' ke liye alag post toh banega nahi. So let us include that bechara naina too in this post. :)

Pardesi said...
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Pardesi said...

How about this one? Bends the rule a bit but I love it!

Palkon ke peeche se

And KL Saigal in all his glory:
Do naina matwaale tihare hum par ulm karein

Lovely post Minnie! Great selections from all.

Minnie said...

@ Cauli : ROFL.....permission granted :-) pardesi has already expanded the word to include eyelashes :-)

@Pardesi: Palkon ke peeche is a brilliant song...i love it too!

Caulfield said...

Let us expand the word more - :P

Jahaan Teri Yeh NAZAR Hai

Jhuki Jhuki Si NAZAR

Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho....AANKHON me nami, hansi labo par

Jadoo Teri NAZAR


Surili ANKHIYON Waale - Veer

AANKH Micholi

Ab Ke Baras Bhej Bhaiyya Ko Babul ....Chhalke NAYAN Mora

Lukka Chuppi....Dhundla gayi dekh meri NAZAR


ApexHeights said...

Hey Minnie this is like going into a different territory altogether. 60% of of bollywood songs are concentrated around aankhen , nayan , nayana , kajarare , eye lashes and eyebrow etc etc

going strictly by aankhen what can a be better song this one. this song could easily qualify for best song of the decade here –

Surelee Ankhiyon Waale

Song, lyrics, music all are top notch except the filming which is surprisingly awful.

Is that female singer an indian, singing with an accent or we have a westerner crooning those lines…… the accent!

Everytime I look into your eyes, I see my paradise… stars are shining right up in the sky, painting words or designs …..

Shreya ghosal was on super hit music muqabala recently and singing English numbers and you couldn't say the difference ,if it was her or a beyonce

Whatever be the case it is haunting melody !!

Minnie said...

Hahaha Cauli...You are pushing the boundaries too far now.. :-) It's like the question is about India and you write about Asia... LOL

But I love Surili Aankhiyon Wali from your list...superb song which I completely forgot about...full brownie points for that :-)

Another one that I really like is Tum itna kyun muskura rahe ho- brilliant song, super picturisation and terrific acting by Shabana.

@Apex: The female singer in that song is Suzzane D'Mello...


You really do seem to have a thing for phoren accents ! JK.. :-)

Minnie said...

Here are some more songs to add to our collection :-)

Likha hai teri aankhon mein

Yeh aankhein dekh kar

Aankhen bhi hoti hai dil ki zubaan

Zulmi sang aankh ladi

Pardesiyon se na aankhiyan milana

Chalke teri aankhon se

And finally the great composition from Ilayaraja:

Surmayee aankhiyon mein


ApexHeights said...

Thanks for the link Minnie! Wow Suzzane D’Mello seems to have been around for sometime and that is quite a list of her songs! Her repertoire has some decent numbers there.

She sang her part in surelee ankhiyon song very well.

Minnie accentuated speech has its own charm and comes across as innocent and there is nothing more to it.

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