April 15, 2010

Sameera Reddy: The Mating Game

Vava voom. Sexy Sam has a delicious feminist streak. She has things to say to men, about men and they better be listening. Her mood is like a beautiful bright summer's day. She flashes that toothy utterly warm smile, patiently lets her head be pulled in all directions as her hair dresser aggressively blow dries her hair as we chat. Excerpts:

The kind of man you’d never date?
An actor (laughs uproariously). It’s true. I don’t get attracted to actors and models and so on. Good looking boys who know they are good looking are the biggest turn offs in the world. I don’t want to date an actor because in a relationship only one of us can be glued to the mirror, not both! All actors are into themselves and that will put me off in the long run. I like guys who are unaware of their charm, who just have a zest for life. Such guys are naturally attractive. I don’t like over confident patronizing men.

Do you think we need to grow up a bit about sex scenes and kissing scenes in our films?
Absolutely. I did one kissing scene in Musafir and trust me I will never kiss on screen again. Because they just won’t let it go. And my dad can’t bear it. He’s like ‘there is more to my daughter. Why is the world constantly stuck on one thing?’ The rules are different for films made abroad and our films. It’s sad. I think the reason is the Indian woman is idolised as chaste and pure. We make a big deal of our mothers and sisters. So I think when a woman is sexually progressive on screen it’s a little hard to digest. I think things are slowly changing but do I want to be the guinea pig in this revolution. No, I don’t.

Do you get the feeling that sometimes you need to be apologetic about your sex appeal?
Of course I am not going to be apologetic. Why should I be? Why is my sex appeal such a big deal? I am the girl next door, I am bubbly and friendly and I am a goddess. Why can’t I get equal importance for all my facets? What’s wrong with being sexy? Even the housewife who will be reading this interview is sexy along with being a great wife and a great mother. If we stop suppressing the expression of sexuality so much the number of rape cases in the country would go down. I love the male attention I get. I bask in it because I didn’t get too much of it when I was younger. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel good. It does. But I don’t depend on my sex appeal for the attention.

Has a woman ever hit on you?
Tons of times. But the first time it happened I freaked out. I had gone to a pub and this girl seemed really friendly and she offered to buy me a drink and to drop me home. On our way back she put her hand on my thigh and I was hysterical. I ran to Sushma, my sister wanting to know what the heck just happened.

What about plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery is perfectly fine for women who understand why they are doing it. But if it becomes this obsessive search for perfection then that’s not healthy.



Pardesi said...

I think I have only seen her in RACE, but she never looked this great in the film. The picture shows a sultry and mysterious beauty in her.

Minnie said...

Great interview! To be honest, I was quite pleasantly surprised by her replies... I was guilty of stereotyping her into one of those vain page 3 types whose major problem in life is which designer to wear for the next cocktail party! She seems to be a confident young woman not afraid to state her opinions loud and clear!

I still remember one video of hers from way back when in which she was a sweet girl next door... dont know if any of you guys have seen this album featuring Sameera Reddy.

Pankaj udhas - Aur ahista kijiye baatein

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