April 16, 2010


Thanks to Khanabadosh in KP for this! Looks awesome!


starinthemaking said...

I just can't wait to watch the movie now.
LOVED it.Music is awesome
Mani brings out the best in abhi-ash :)
Abhishek has proved yet again he is far better than the self proclaimed perfectionists of the

Caulfield said...

Had they given me a choice, I would have deletd the parts from 0:23 - 0:29 from the promo. I would have loved the promo much much more without that part. Apart from that the promo is BRILLIANT!! The picturization is perfect. And AR Rahman is simply WOW. Esp the music that plays when Ash is comes out of the water - AWESOME!!!

:bow: to Mani Ratnam.

Caulfield said...

Raavan throwing stone in the river!! Hmmmm. In Ramayana, Ram and his sena threw stones to get to Lanka and to win Sita back. In the film Raavan is throwing a stone. Is it a clue to who will get Sita this time or am I thinking too much?? :P But really, if what I observed is right, I think it is an excellent metaphor.

Pardesi said...

Yes, I think Cauli that the stone throwing is relevant. I loved the promo, the sound, the look of the leads, the picturization - perfect for me. I am more excited than I ever was with GURU.

Anonymous said...

it looks interesting thats all i can say from it . too small a trailer to say anything except that.

Minnie said...

Awesome promo! Hooks the viewer completely....and the background score was outstanding!

Pardesi said...

It is a great hook is it not? I was not this excited about Guru.

ApexHeights said...

Promo looks exciting with background music. Will raise a lot of excitement and build hype due to its rustic look , which I think is the new age cinema going forward for this decade.

Weak link – Abhi and Aish

ApexHeights said...

Rangan: "If that’s indeed the case, Mani Ratnam appears to have a winner with Raavan. What. A. Poster"

There are other posters discussed in this link but i think the exercise was to bloviate on Raavan.

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