April 7, 2010

Multiple climaxes for Ravan

Mani Ratnam’s Ravan has been in news for various reasons since the day of launch. The latest buzz doing rounds regarding Ravan is that Mani Rathnam had shot four climaxes for Raavan and hold your imaginations, It seems that in one of the climaxes Raavan wins the heart of Seetha. Seetha overcomes Raavan’s tantrums and reaches Rama in another; whereas other two climaxes show Rama dying in one and Ravana dying in another.

The director had kept everyone guessing as even unit members are not aware of what’s running in his mind. Already there have been enough controversies around movies showing epics and religious practices in different light. Hope Ravan doesn’t run into controversies.

Raavan, said to be the modern adaptation of the epic Ramayana, revolves around Raavana, the ruler of Lanka, who kidnapped Sita. The story culminates with Sita supporting Raavana instead of Rama, who suspects her chastity after having spent so much time in Raavana’s custody. Vikram plays the villain. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai are the lead pair in Hindi, while Vikram will play the lead opposite Aishwarya in Tamil.



Anonymous said...

how is it possible for four climaxes to be there without pre-climax scenes accordingly ?

Also he should take care about troubles of other climax with public acceptance before selecting one .

Pardesi said...

I think he is thinking exactly that - what if he means for Raavan to win Seeta, but is afraid of public backlash so he has one where Raavan dies?

Anonymous said...

dharti phat jaayegi assman toot padega

Pardesi said...

LOL! I think Indian audiences will not be able to stomach Seeta going with Raavan - the only saving grace is that that they KNOW in real life Aish is Abhi''s wife. So in a sense it was very smart casting by Mani.

rudresh said...

As names are same and if storyline is also somewhat similar then movie is bound to have backlash. apart from leftists no one will actually watch it. Movie may get some publicity from it like MNIK tried to have, but Abhi is not SRK.

Pardesi said...

I agree on public backlash. However, I do not see what is in common between MNIK and Raavan. Did MNIK go against some established mythology?

rudresh said...

No MNIK did not. I mentioned MNIK in contest of publicity. Shiv Sena Protest of MNIK has helped MNIK to some extent. But in that case Public was not with Shiv Sena.

In Case of Ravana, if fundamentalists protests, then they will enjoy public support also. Only TN can be safer)

Caulfield said...

I don't have anything against people who believe in religion, but IMO a filmmaker has all the right to change the story if he wants to. After all it is his imagination. Tarantino changed the entire story of World War and World War did happen in real. If people don't object to that, I don't know why should they object to something for which they don't have any proof if it really happened, except the fact that they believe it. I don't want to hurt people who believe in Ramayana (I too worship and believe in God), but I don't see anything wrong if a person wants to change the story a bit.

Rudresh -

"Movie may get some publicity from it like MNIK tried to have, but Abhi is not SRK."

I don't think the controversy in MNIK was preplanned and the team of MNIK tried to have that SS controversy.

rudresh said...

World war cannot be equate to Ramayan. Faith and believe are different things.

I do not know what kind of proof you want. Distorting truth to hurt feelings of followers is totally different aspect.

Vatican criticized even Avatar as it does not fit in their concept of God( Which Main religion apart from Hinduism actually has concept of supreme deity as Goddess). And i think Avatar does not win Oscar has this as main reason apart from other that it was anti US ( where as winner movie is praising US in Iraq).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i will not see film if Sita is shown going with Raavan . changing Worldwar things is fine but if some people changes facts of jesus will they oppose or not ?
Da Vinci code did get protests against it

Rajeev said...

"""will not see film if Sita is shown going with Raavan . changing Worldwar things is fine but if some people changes facts of jesus will they oppose or not ?
Da Vinci code did get protests against it"""

Agree here...Distortions of Ramayana is unacceptable...

Caulfield said...

I won't comment any further on this as this is a religious topic. Otherwise people will blame me for a pre-planned controversy to promote RL :P

On a serious note, I too believe in God, but I won't mind someone changing it. REELITY is all about imagination.

Anyways, as there isn't any official statement made by Ratnam or the lead cast, I think it is either a rumor or just a planned thing to add suspense to the otherwise predictable ending. ;)

ApexHeights said...

I really doubt if the movie has any direct religious fervor, though must admit movie looks a proper ‘hatke’ kind of deal which bollywood keeps boasting all the time but fails to deliver. I was expecting much more with Guru from the same team hut turned out strictly okayish sorts. This time around they can get me interested only if the movie is a bit massy with a lot of maar dhaadh and loot mar etc but done in an intelligent manner. Summer movies need to be a bit massy to get out of the doom and gloom of winters.

Surprised the promos etc have not hit the theatres/cable circuit yet. Team Mani Ratnam is full of secrecy and they let the media speculate so till the movie releases we will not know much about.

Well, I am looking forward to the soundtrack more than the movie and hope this is better than their last outing together. Rahman was absolute genius with Delhi 6.

I guess cinegoers are in for a feast starting this weekend onwards and a wide range of releases there…

Khanabadosh said...

"IMO a filmmaker has all the right to change the story if he wants to."

Sensibilities in subcontinent are different from western society, that is why we love different kind of movies. A small example, people who are arrested in India have worse public experience (after release) than say one in USA. People in West will have problem if Tarantino shows Jews doing atrocities on Nazis!

Pardesi said...

I think of myself as not strictly religious, but rather a rational person. I would have no issues with a myth being retold in a different way through the lens of a filmmaker. As for the Ramayana, is it not true that for people in the South Raavan is as big a hero as Ram was? That it was really a North South kind of controversy?

If Mani has a film where alternative endings of the Ramayana are imagined and explored I would welcome that and it would automatically raise my interest in the film, as compared to that in a tested and tried tale.

Avatar and other religious films have protests that are really marginal. The lats big film to have protests was The Last Temptation of Christ (and maybe Gibson's film too) and there too viewers were able to see the film unmolested by protesters. Let the viewer decode with his feet and pocket book, do not take that decision away from him - that is my belief.

When George Bush was greeted by protesters in Britain he said that he would like people all over the world to have the right to protest freely and openly - one of the smartest things he ever said! So yes, let the people who oppose the film on religious grounds protest, and those who want to see it to tune into the maker's imagination, view the film.

About MNIK - neither were the protests planned nor did they help so much IMO, losing a day in Mumbai and more in Pune is hardly going to be made up by curiosity over protests.

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