March 18, 2010

Who is SRK taking tips from for his next Ra One

SRK is taking tips for Ra One from Kamal Haasan, who was even spotted at the Akon bash held at Mannat

Last week, South superstar Kamal Haasan's presence at B-Town Badshah Shah Rukh Khan's Akon party at Mannat raised many eyebrows. Apparently, KH has been bonding with SRK and has been giving the latter valuable tips on the making of Ra One.

Says a source, "Shah Rukh has huge plans for Ra One and has been meeting Kamal Haasan regularly to bounce off ideas for his pet project. Shah Rukh and Kamal know each other since their Hey Ram days. The two have kept in touch. King Khan respects Kamal as an actor and loves his style of filmmaking. The two superstars are quite fond of each other."

Adds the source, "While Shah Rukh plays a super hero in Ra One, he's amazed by the hard work, meticulous planning, astonishing cinematography and breathtaking graphics that Kamal brought to Dasavaratham. He has been asking the veteran actor about how to make a stunning film with great special effects. That's the reason why Kamal was spotted at Shah Rukh's party last week."

Mushtaq Shiekh, co-screenwriter for Ra One, says, "I don't know if Kamalsaab is helping Shah Rukh with the film but I am not surprised to see him in Mannat because Shah Rukh has been maintaining a consistent connection with him."

Shah Rukh Khan was unavailable for comment.



Caulfield said...

It is good that SRK is consulting the genius KH, but Mushtaq Sheikh is the co-writer of this film. :-O

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