March 18, 2010

Kareena plays a mom of 8 yr old in Ra One

For Ra.One, Kareena Kapoor will mother an eight-year-old in style

The glamorous Kareena Kapoor has always been stylishly put together on screen and will now play a glam mother to an eight-year-old in Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One.

A source reveals, “Kareena doesn’t want to be styled in the stereotypical mould of a mother. She plays a modern mum, and Manish Malhotra will design her look accordingly. She will be seen in extremely glamorous outfits.”

After all, why should mothers look dowdy and defeated? The source continues, “Her look is ultra chic and her wardrobe will include the trendiest outfits. She will be seen in short dresses, skirts and tight fitting tops.

She had a word with Manish and he will dress her in the latest summer/ spring collection.”

Manish Malhotra, Kareena’s favourite designer, says, “The film is based in London and she needs to be dressed keeping in mind the avatar of a modern mother.” 



The Illusionist said...

So.. Ra one news has started to come out.. Kareena mom of a 8 yr old ??? Enough said :D

Minnie said...


So,what did you find objectionable/hilarious? The fact that it is Kareena or the fact that she is playing a mother?

I will respond accordingly :-)

The Illusionist said...


Objectionable - None
Hilarious - The whole article :D

Caulfield said...

I don't think there is any problem with it. If Aamir Khan at 44 can play a college going student, and Anupam Kher can play the role of a old man in Saaransh at a young age, what is the problem?

Minnie said...

@ Illusionist
Based on your very vague statement,I can only speculate on your thoughts!
I don't know what you find more hilarious...the fact that a 29-year old actress is playing a mother of an 8-year old or that she is playing a modern chic mom...if it is the former, its nothing surprising and if it's the latter, all I can say is that kinda thinking went away with the dark ages !!

Pardesi said...

Besides, isn't Kareena playing "Mom" to Saifu's teenage kids in real life? I think she has practice!!! I find this much better than people trying to play teenagers in their 40s or romancing teenagers in their 40s.

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