March 12, 2010

Prakash Jha spices up Rajneeti with new scenes

Director Prakash Jha is hell bent on making his forthcoming film a complete entertainer. He recently did a certain amount of spicing up by shooting some scenes with the lead pair Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.
On Monday Ranbir and Katrina did some additional shooting for Raajneeti at Mona Shourie's Future Studios long after their dates for the film had dried up.
"We did some patchwork shooting on Monday, close-ups, etc. Yes. It's for the betterment of the end-product. We all want Rasjneeti to be a big success. Katrina and Ranbir have surrendered themselves completely to the project and will do whatever is required," Jha told IANS.
And the hit jodi is more than willing to shoot extra days to ensure the product gets them maximum attention. Ranbir, just back from Las Vegas rushed to the shooting. Closeups and continuity shots were shot with the duo.

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Pardesi said...

I hear Katrina took Hindi lessons for this one, but I am amazed at the body language, for some reason it seems perfect and reminds me of the rapid and hurried way in which Indira Gandhi walked.

Rajiv said...

Star cast is amazing. I hope this movie is Katrina´s turning point as an actor.

Caulfield said...

Very excited about this one. Looks like Ranbir will add another decent film to his list.

Minnie said...

If Katrina screws this one up, I have no hope left for her as an actress!

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