March 12, 2010

Aamir's Bollywood Hungama Exclusive Part 1


Pardesi said...

Decent interview. He said some things I did not agree with. About never celebrating BO success of his films or talking about that, I remember the Ghajni 200 cr cake cutting pictures! But nothing speaks as well as success, and Aamir deserves to speak riding high on the back to back mega success of two films.

KB said...

You can't fudge trade figures

Pardesi said...

I guess Aamir never read the box office debates on NaachGaaana in years past. If you cannot fudge the figures then what is the debate all about? Until India goes into digital movie collections mode at both single and multiplex screens, figures will always be fudged. Even worse, with the rates of entertainment tax different across single screens and plexes, even varying between plexes, and different deals between exhibitors and distributors from film to film, there will be NO clarity in Box Office figures.

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