January 10, 2010

Speculations on KITES, Hritik Roshan and other things!

One hears that Kites has a release date, finally! It is expected to arrive on 21st May. In the meantime Hritik Roshan appears to have a lot on his mind!

Karan Johar is a host who gets the celebrities on his show to open up their heart. Also, he gets celebrity friends confide in him in real life too. How else would Hrithik Roshan confess to Johar that he just couldn't get his 'Kites' co-star Barbara Mori out of his mind. He tried hard to keep up the façade of being happily married to Sussanne, but the effort tore him apart. Reportedly the directors, who want Hrithik and Barbara Mori to star together in their movie project, are waiting to see the reaction to 'Kites'. Hrithik's friends wonder how come the actor overindulges in parties almost every night now, which was a taboo for him until recently.

Kites on Hritik's mind?
Is it the fact that Kites has been on the chopping and fixing table for over a year now? The movie was screened for distributors at Cannes almost a year ago and is still awaiting release. Now Ratner films is readying it for the English release to occur simultaneously! If you have a chance to see either, which would you watch?

Is it Guzaarish?
Hiritik is rumored to take his paraplegic role in Bhansali's film to heart and is in character for a while now! Recent pictures show both him and Suzanne in an emaciated and worn out state!

But the history of the Khan side of the family could also be at play here!

First it was Suzanne's cousin Fardeen Khan who was held for cocaine possession.
And more recently Suzanne's sister's husband DJ Aqeel was held for possession at Dubai airport!

One hopes that it is merely Kites, or even a doomed romance, and not other sinister forces that are dogging Duggu! It is a new year for him, his birthday - so I hope he can rise above all this and shine again!