January 4, 2010

KRK takes on SRK on Twitter

Despite managing a measly 63 followers in a day, Bhojpuri actor Kamal Rashid Khan predicts he will gather more followers than Shah Rukh in a month; incidentally SRK already has over 30,000 in 2 days

There may be glory in being the real Shah Rukh Khan, but it does not hurt to be a fake one either.

For even a fake SRK attracts over 1,000 followers on Twitter compared to a real KRK, who is yet to reach even the three-figure mark.

On Saturday, SRK began tweeting for the first time. Within an hour, a prankster claiming to be the real SRK was also on the micro-blogging site, and over time the pretender to the throne managed to fool hundreds of King Khan fans into following him.

Then, yesterday, as netizens tried hard to distinguish between the real star and the fake, Bhojpuri actor and Bigg Boss contestant Kamal R Khan also jumped into the fray.

Numbers game

In only his second tweet, KRK went on to challenge Shah Rukh, saying he would have more followers than him in a month. Kamal's first tweet read, "The real KRK is here.

Please don't follow any other fake KRK. Main hi saccha hun." He challenged SRK a few hours later: "Main @iamsrk (Shah Rukh Khan) KO challenge karta hun.

1 mahine mein mere usse zyada followers honge. i don't have any @Kjohar25 (Karan Johar) behind me."

The number of followers of the real SRK on Twitter (@iamsrk) stood at 30,318, at the time of going to press, while the pretender (@imsrk) had attracted 1,844 of the star's fans.

The followers of KRK (@iamKRK) numbered a measly 63.

As for the fake SRK, he kept tweeting all through, even lifting the actor's tweets.

To make it all appear genuine, the fake SRK, like the real one, is also following Karan Johar the real one. Just for the record, Johar was the one who prodded SRK to take to Twitter.

Battle of the clones

The tweeting maze doesn't end here. There was another KRK out there on Twitter yesterday called @imkrk.

This one had the words 'Of course, a FAKE profile!!!' on his page and he took on the fake SRK in the opening tweet, asking him to "learn from me. have a profile image". He spelt his name 'Kamaal'.

Verified accounts

Meanwhile, a blog hosted by Twitter to track fakes said it planned to introduce 'verified accounts' to protect users from impostors.

Quoting Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, it said, "We do recognise an opportunity to improve Twitter user experience and clear up confusion beyond simply removing impersonation accounts once alerted."

Stone added that verified accounts would feature a special seal that would be introduced with a beta preview in the coming months for a select set of people.

These people will include public officials, public agencies, famous artists, athletes, and other well-known individuals at risk of impersonation.

"This doesn't mean accounts without any verification seal are fake.

The vast majority of Twitter accounts are not impersonators, Another way to determine authenticity is to check the official website of the person for a link back to their Twitter account," said Stone.

The Twitter page of Karan Johar (kjohar25) already displays the 'verified account' seal.

Interesting Tweets

> "dubbing for khan for the 25th time...hyper karan making me do it again and again"

> "@bdutt [Barkha Dutt] dont stress over political parties...for them if 2 wrongs dont make a right.. hey always try a third."

"Bye now...lemme figure out if i do really snore
or not...will keep a recorder on tonite... much for being shy and private."

> "I am looking for a heroine for Deshdrohi 2. KRK koi chota star nahi aur Deshdrohi 2 Oscar material hai. Koi hain actress?"

> "Main soch raha hoon ki twitter kharid loon. Waise kitne main milega? I am tired of selling jeans."

Don't know about you but KRK da man and I am following him!!

His latest tweet:


Mumbai walon, Midday dekho. Front Page pe hamare baare main chappa hain -
29 minutes ago from web

You go KRK, and give as a sequel to Deshdrohi soon!!