January 5, 2010

Ilayaraja calls for stringent copyright laws

Irked by his compositions being reportedly used by advertisers and others in violation of copyright provisions, renowned composer Ilayaraja today struck a note of warning against usage of his works before the year 2000 without “prior permission and licensing.”

“It is a warning. Movie producers and composers are advised not to use my songs and background scores (including remixes) without prior permission and licensing. It is also mandatory for advertisement agencies, TV Channels and TV serial producers to take proper license and permission from Agi Music to use my songs in their production or programme,' he told reporters.

Agi Music has been authorised by him to initiate legal proceedings for such violations as the rights of his works prior to 2000 have been bagged by the company, he said.

“Agi Music has the rights to administrate all of Ilayaraja's works before the year 2000, in all areas and platform including radio broadcasting, synchronization usages, mechanical usages, mobile contents and internet downloads,” Agilan Lechaman, CEO, Agi Music, said.

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Pardesi said...

It is good to see Illayaraja come out in support of Chetan Bhagat!! The Maestro has spoken ;-)

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