July 9, 2010

Most actors in Bolywood are either poor or average

Poor actors:

Abhishek Bachchan - Can´t do anything besides trying to act like a tough man;
Priyanka Chopra - Only decent performance is Fashion. Rest is dull.
Imran Khan - Lucky to be Aamir´s nephew;
John Abraham - Wooden actor;
Arjun Rampal - Can´t play any role even though he acts in different roles;
Katrina - Huge star but 0 acting skills
Neil Nitin Mukesh - Same as John
Bipasha - Only suitable for skin show

Average actors:

Shahid Kapur - One good performance in Kaminey. Rest is either poor or average;
Ranbir Kapoor- Liked him in that role of a sardar. But doesn´t have much variety in his acting;
Lara Dutta - Underrated actress in comedy. But its her fault for not trying with different roles;

Most underrated actor:

Arjun Mathur - Saw two movies with him. He is a serious talent. Can act any kind of scene and deliver any kind of emotion;