June 14, 2010

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Salman Khan: I'm a difficult Boyfriend

Your fans may not want to see you as a corrupt cop in Dabangg.
He is the hero. If his salary is Rs 6,000 and he has a family of 15 to support, what will he do? You are bound to earn more money through other means. But if something kills your self-respect, then I don’t think you should do it. There is always a line yaar. I can go down to a level. But if you cross the level of your zameer (conscience), which a lot of people do, then it’s disgusting. To make money out of someone’s misery is the most disgusting thing ever. But if it doesn’t make much of a difference to you, then do it. Think of yourself as Robin Hood. He stole, but he stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

Stars often visit religious places before the release of a film. What about you?
Hmm. Na, na. Everyone has different beliefs.

What is your belief? Put in your work and forget about it?
Yeah pretty much. You want your film to do well but when you go to religious places to only pray for the success of your film, it’s selfish. Some people actually believe that when you want something you must go. That’s such a sho-sha (put on), just show. You should go there quietly.

Is that possible? Who does that?
Katrina (Kaif) actually believes in this. When she visits such religious places, she does it quietly. It’s not done just before a release. She goes to these places all the time. She goes because she really believes in them. My sister Arpita visits religious places too. So does my mother. I don’t go because a lot of disturbance is caused. There are people praying and when they see me there is chaos. I don’t like that. If I want to ask God for something, I ask wherever I am. And if I do go I make sure no one is aware about it.

What surprises you the most about life?
People surprise me every single day. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Have you painted while shooting for Dabangg?
No. I have yet to do a self-portrait.

You are a very successful star, which naturally comes with a certain discipline. But your ‘bratty’ image precedes you.
I haven’t struggled, I haven’t worked hard. I have taken it lightly. But I have also gone and given it my best, which is about two or three or four per cent of my capabilities. I have just been fortunate. All the stuff that was written about me was no big deal. It was not like I was one of these terrorists who deserve to go through all that. And somewhere it’s now known that I was not the person responsible for all those things. So without me saying anything people understand that.

Are you a difficult boyfriend?
Yes, I’m a difficult boyfriend but now I am more patient in love.

How do you deal with depression and low moments?
I go down to the gate of my building and take a look at my watchman.

Any plans to write your autobiography or are you going to commission me to write it?
(Sighs) See, I will not be able to write any lies. And I won’t be able to write the truth either. So, a book on me is out of the question.


Govinda surprise package in Raavan?

After Govinda signed up for Mani Ratnam’s modern-day version of the Ramayana, speculations about what his character in the film would be like have been taking the rounds. The actor is reportedly playing a character, modelled on Hanuman. He will be seen playing a forest officer who helps Vikram’s character Dev to hunt for his wife, Ragini (played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), who has been abducted by Beera (Abhishek Bachchan).

Reportedly, Ratnam, miffed with Govinda’s tardiness, altered his scenes, and the actor was aghast to learn that his part had been abruptly chopped. The actor’s absence at the music launch in May, compounded the speculation that there was something awry between the actor and the director.
Ratnam denies trimming the actor’s role: “Govinda’s role has shaped up amazingly in context of the storyline.”

When asked why he cast the actor in the forest officer’s role, Ratnam explains, “Sometimes we cast faces against the image. When you’re putting the cast together, you realise that for a certain role with limited screen time, a star will be essential because he or she can add meat to the character. Govinda easily blended into his character.”

Ratnam points out that one has to see the film to understand his perspective behind his casting. “Govinda put in an extra effort and made the role interesting despite its screen duration. He makes a considerable impact with his performance,” the filmmaker adds.

A source close to the film says that since Raavan was shot approximately in 200 days and every actor’s role was reduced a little to maintain the flow and rhythm of the story. “Govinda is known to speak his mind. If he had to make an issue, he would have addressed it to Mani sir. But he seemed pleased.”

According to an industry source, Govinda was overheard telling his friends at the IIFA Weekend in Colombo that he had heard great trade reports of Raavan. “He had said that he was looking forward to seeing it. He even made statements there about his wonderful experience of working with ‘Mani Sir’,” adds our source.


Rockstar Kapoor

Other than his interview in Filmfare's latest edition, Ranbir Kapoor has been out of news for quite some time. So what has Ranbir been upto these days? The young star has been learning the guitar and preparing for his role in Imtiaz Ali's next venture, Rockstar. Ranbir is working hard at his residence in Bandra to get the basics right. He wants to get the attitude and nuaces of a rockstar in place. With such conviction we're sure he'll pull of the role of a Rockstar without pulling out any guitar strings!


What's with the Bandana?

Arjun rampal must be enjoying the success of his latest film Raajneeti. In fact he has also recived some rave reviews for the same. But, if you're wondering why he has been sporting a bandana to all the raajneeti promotional events it's because he has gone bald for his new look in Ra.One. He has been asked not to reveal the look and keep it a surprise for the audience.