June 26, 2010

My review of Rajneeti

Rajeneeti is a modern adaptation of the great epic mahabharata.The cast includes one of the best actors like manoj bajpai,nana patekar,ajay devgan and the new comer Ranbir kapoor and arjun rampal.It is a political adaptation.
The fathers of manoj bajpai, and that of arjun rampal,ranbir kapoor are brothers.Played by jahangir khan,chetan pandit.
They are dhritatashtra,pandu here.They head the political party rastravadi party.Jahangir khan fals ill and makes arjun rampal the president of the party.Manoj bajpai is angered and that starts the rivalry between him and arjun rampla’s family.
The best actor in this multi starrer is Manoj bajpai.He gives a great peformance follwed by nana patekar.Then Ajay devgan,Ranbir Kapoor,arjun rampal.Ajay Devgan is born to chetan pandit’s wife’s affair to bhaskar sanyal,played by naseeriddun shah.He is the karna of this film.He is left on the banks of a river by his mother and found by her driver and raised in the lower catse community.
Ajay devgan then enters the scene where manoj bajpai argues with arjun over the candidate for a constituency.Ajay confronts
Arjun saying that the candidate is not suitable for lower caste community interests and he will fight the election.
The scene is similar to the Mahabharata scene where karma challenges arjuna that he is nit the best.He is ridiculed by the pandavas.Notice the fabulous adaptation here in political terms.Ajay confronting the rampal or the pandavas in a political party meeting.That scens is very entertaining.he is asked to get out by rampal who is yudhistira and bheema.Manoj bajpai says he will stay as he is party’s minority and lower caste leader.He says with the power vested with him he has appointed ajay debgan in that role.That is reminiscent of duryodhana supprting karna and making him the king of anga rajya.
The political battle begins.Mnaoj Bajpai and ajay decide to get Power back.
Ranbir kapoor is always in the sidelines here supporting his brother arjun rampal.He is a researcher on Victorian poetry in New York.He decides to get back to New York.His father comes with him till the the unexpected happens.
chetan pandit car is stopped because of traffic jam.And the poilice go to se what happens.And a policeman in mask comes and shoots pandit in the neck.Ranbir kapoor knows about this incident in airport.
He rushes to the hospital along with arjun rampal.Here the inspector sharma behaves rudely towards arjun,and slaps ranbir arrests arjun labeling false charges.It becomes clear he is maonoj bajpai’s man.He arrests arjun rampal,and ranbir along with nana patekar gets him out with tricking manoj bajpai.
The film’s narrative is good,and is watchable till now.
From here Ranbir Kapoor enters the scene and takes over the proceeding with the help of nana patekar.
He acts well,but he could have been better if he was older.He is good looking and charming.Ranbir declares that arjun is the chief minister candidate at a public meeting.This makes jahangir khan expel arjun,ranbir from rashtravadi party.
This is a strategy by ranbir,nana.
Arjun,Ranbir form the new party called lok shakti party.
From here starts the political games between manok,ajay and arjun,ranbir.This is entertaining.
Katrina kaif is just acts average as Ranbir Kapoor’s lover who marries arjun rampal.Ranbir has an American girl friend.
Ranbir buys out manoj’s partry men and makes them file faulty nomination forms.Many seats are disqualified.Manoj gets angry and kills arjun rampal,and ranbir’s amrican girlfriend.Ranbir makes katrina as the chief minister’s candidate.Her character is reminiscent of sonia Gandhi.There is the final shooting between all in godown,and ranbir kills ajay,manoj as he was taking manoj to safety.Thus the mahabharat ending is given here.
Ranbir kapoor has made a big step towards becoming the top star of bollywood with this film.It remans to be seen whether he continues like this.