June 25, 2010

Lamhaa Music review

LAMHAA is a fine mix of style and substance and has its heart and head at right places. After hiatus of almost three years, Mithoon shows promise again and relives the mysticism of ANWAR that gave him prominence as reliable composer in B-town. As far as competence and professionalism is concerned, both producers and composer have not shown any rough patches or signs of mediocrity in the entire album and delivers out needful for the subject. It's big successes lies in tracks like "Madno", "Saajna" and "Main Kaun Hoon" while meaningfully conceived "Zaamen-O-Aasman", "Salaam Zindagi" and "Rehmat Zara" are equally enlightening in their display. The music album should be catalyzing factor in flick's promotion and success and will be worthy purchase for the listeners.