May 2, 2010

TOI - Film previews for press new tweet victim?

Twitter is proving to be a bane for Bollywood producers. Critics have started to tweet about a film and its box office fortune way ahead of the actual release date because many of the critics have been catching a screening at the previews/designated press shows much ahead of time.

"As a result, films in many cases have been declared duds even before they are allowed to breathe," says leading PR professional Preeti Puri Sharma.

Says trade guru Taran Adarsh, "The 'hierarchy' amongst critics, to show that one has seen the film earlier than the other, has now started to spell doom for the film and its makers. On Facebook and Twitter, you can see a kind of silent war raging."

Adarsh says a few months earlier, producers were willing to show their films to established trade journalists and critics well in advance. But since April, press shows for big films have come to a virtual standstill.