May 11, 2010

Prakash Jha - Ajay Devgn often tends to be perfect for the character I have conceived

FROM Ajay Devgn's Facebook page:
A note from Prakashji I wanted to share with you guys...

Today at 7:38am
I first met Ajay, after I had made Mrityudand. But it felt as though we already knew each other. There was an immediate understanding and instant connect.

That understanding has grown stronger over the years as we grew to work together.

Our first meeting was casual, without any agenda of casting or setting up a film. But we both felt that we must work together.

And so emerged our first collaboration- Dil Kya Kare. Ajay produced and acted in the film that I wrote and directed.

When I started working with him, it was so easy… the communication between me and him has always been so easy and flowing. It was a wonderful experience.

Through the years our personal and professional rapport, has only grown and strengthened. We have worked together in Gangaajal, Apaharan and now the forthcoming Raajneeti.

As an actor Ajay is so economical. Economical in terms of presence, expression, gestures…He’s so subtle and effective. He intuitively understands the nuances of a character, the different layers and the sub text. As an actor one can mold him. He becomes the character. My characters truly comes to life with that kind of performance.

Even on the personal front, being friends with Ajay is so simple and uncomplicated. Sometimes two-three months go by and we haven’t talked. But when we talk it’s the same, there’s no feeling of “its been so long”. It’s so easy to take off exactly where we left off.

Ajay is such a good human being. He has no attitude, no qualms, no issues… In his quiet ways he creates a sense of family within the unit.he makes all the secondary actors and all the junior actors feel comfortable.He is very warm and affectionate with the crew members. He’s a great team player…Actually he’s a great team builder.

Also I thing we get along because Ajay is a well-informed person, interested in whats happening in the world…He has got an interesting perspective on life and contemporary issues.We end up having long, animated discussions on various subjects of contemporary relevance.

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It is interesting to me that a man from Bihar and a film insider from Mumbai mesh so well together. Jha has extracted the best performances from Ajay and these are usually rustic characters from the interiors of Bihar! They make a great team. Rajneeti is set in Madhya Pradesh and out of the familiar Bihari milieu for Jha, I hope it turns out well. It is one of my most awaited films for 2010