April 8, 2010

The YAHOO MAN - Shammi Kapoor unplugged!

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged
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Shammi Kapoor

'Shammi Kapoor Unplugged' is all about nostalgia and a walk down memory lane with the eternal lover boy and one of Hindi cinema's biggest superstars. The legendary Shammi Kapoor will take you through the beautiful memories of a super successful career that spanned over five decades and a life lived to the fullest - straight from the heart.
This show, presented exclusively on the web by Rajshri Media, will bring you closer to your favourite Bollywood star. From his attitude towards life to the turning point in his career, from the story of finding a long-lost friend to his inspiration behind kicking the butt, Shammi Kapoor shares with you experiences and memories that reveal the never-before-known facets of the man.
We will unveil one new episode every Monday, so keep coming back to catch the latest of 'Shammi Kapoor Unplugged'.


Pardesi said...

I was sold on the early pieces of the young Shammi - he was a heartthrob! But Shammi ji of today told a heartwarming tale. He is surprisingly savvy for a man his age.

ApexHeights said...

Aamir on Shammi

And Aamir sums this up well here.

Pardesi said...

I'd rather hear Shammi ji unplugged, summing up his own life!

ApexHeights said...

I was not much of a Shammi Kapoor fan and this maybe attributed to me not being part of his magic era similar to dev anand who i believe was craze within his own rights. I hated raj kapoor and he looked old even in his younger movies. Rishi was too much a rolly polly chikna and never really turned into a man on screen though a good actor. Among the kapoor my only favorite was Shashi and he was the most handsome among all the brother kapoors and was always very graceful. He was better looking than even his dashing son karan. I believe Shashi is younger to Shammi, but his look and appearance at the filmfare award was such a jolt for everyone and he had aged so quickly.

But he was still grace personified and looked a cute oldie even here


I don’t think he had made a public appearance anywhere else in the last 10/12 years?

ApexHeights said...

I forgot Prithviraj Kapoor and he would rate higher than Shashi for me.

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