April 18, 2010

Sajid Khan - I'm NOT GAY!

I AM NOT GAY - announces Sajid!

What a weird title for this interview:

Housefull is not going to change lives
Films cannot influence society. No one’s life ever changed after watching Rang De Basanti or Lage Raho Munnabhai. Watching a movie is like going to a restaurant for a meal. Sometimes you enjoy it and sometimes you don’t.
I challenge any filmmaker to claim that he has been able to eradicate crime or cancer or that people have become better human beings after watching his film. Maybe, it has made a difference to few individuals. I know Housefull is not going to change lives or go down as a classic. I’ll be surprised if it even gets a nomination. But it will go down as an entertainer.

My humour does get me into trouble
Humour is the only emotion, which is divided; it can get funny or offensive. It does get me into trouble. But I never cross the line. Anyway, in our country you cannot joke about gods and goddesses, politicians, caste or creed unlike in the US where you can even joke about the President. My motive has never been to hurt anyone. I wasn’t wrong even then (referring to the face off between him and Ashutosh Gowariker at an awards function). Ashu had his point of view and I had mine. Ashu has the right to catch hold of me and hit me. He’s like an elder brother. Ashu and I, just the two of us, have been out for many dinners and movies. He could have just met me backstage and said, “Tu paagal hogaya hai (you have gone mad),” and I would have said, “Okay Ashu.”

I am the world’s greatest babysitter
Farah (Khan, sister) and I do not share any professional relationship. I’ve never taken any advice from her nor given any to her. I just know that she is a fine commercial filmmaker. Truly, if Manmohan Desai had a successor whom he could be proud of, it would be Farah. She’s the only woman director who does not make women-oriented films.

Farah and SRK go a long way
It’s one of my ambitions to get Akshay and Shah Rukh Khan together in a film. I learnt to be positive and confident after observing SRK. He may go wrong, his team may lose and his films may not do too well but his positive attitude is inspiring. I don’t think anything can come between Farah and SRK. The strongest team in the history of Indian cinema, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, had split and then got back together within six months. Here, friendships and enmities are not permanent. Farah and SRK go back a long way. They have given so much to each other. I doubt that doing one film with Akshay or anyone else will make a difference to them.

I’M Not Gay...
I’m extremely emotional but I don’t like showing my private side. I date women but no one will ever know. I don’t make a public brouhaha. I’m nearing 40, yet unmarried. But I’m not gay, I’m not gay, I’m not gay! Find me someone who is a film geek, someone who loves movies as much as I do and preferably does not drink. I would choose intelligence over beauty. I’m attracted to women who have a great sense of humour. I like simplicity in a woman. The day I meet someone like that I’d like to get married provided she’s willing to marry me.

Farhana Farook


ApexHeights said...

Though I agree films cannot influence society but at least they act as reflection of the times we live in…. and in some cases brought in a bit of public awareness..
Aamir’s last few movies has had certain impact and got people thinking aloud and debating. One of the few good things I noticed on NDTV in last few years has been Barkha Dutt’s Sunday debate immediately after a big release since RDB and KANK days.
Will try to post links to her shows; whether it was discussing extra martial relationships and adultery after a Kank, or the plight of Muslims in India after a CDI , or discussing defense deals after a RDB , Gandhian principles of a Lage Raho etc….
And someone should tell Sajid that Lage Raho and Gandhigiri made a great impact and changed many lives even in a far off land like US , when a whole bunch of green card hopefuls landed in Washington to protest silently with white roses at the USCIS office and resorted to gandhigiri and guess what USCIS actually rolled back its notification

Green Card hopefuls to resort to Gandhigiri in US

ApexHeights said...

It’s so easy to take big names like Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Manmohan Desai and compare your work to them, but we have not seen anything close resembling that in any of their movies.

There is nothing in Houseful which tells me this will be an understated affair and there will be subtlety in the proceedings which were hallmarks of any Hrishikesh films and what about the skimpy attire…

On Farah and her OSO claim – the only resemblance was a multi star cast and masala element but for all that to work, you need the director to get some decent acting done out of the lead actors. Even veterans like Kiron Kher were cringe worthy in these movies…

Both of them just have good music sense and that’s about it!

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