April 29, 2010

Round-up of news for the day!

Anushka Sharma out of Rockstar

We all know that Imtiaz Ali first conceptualised Rockstar with John Abraham. Then, the reworked script worked in favour of Ranbir Kapoor. Well, after John Abraham, it’s Anushka Sharma who gets the axe we hear. The poor girl, who just loves Ranbir by the way, was distraught by the latest developments. The buzz is that Imtiaz wants to cast an unknown girl for the role. Watch this space for more.

This is sad news indeed. Hope Imtiaz is not thinking of foisting another Giselle type on us!

We all knew Jackie Chan was not in
But now we hear that SRK has signed a lesser known martial arts hero from China but presently his name is being kept under wraps.

So we should expect martial arts to play a big part in the film!

John and Tabu's UTV films in trouble
Just heard that UTV has decided to shelve the Tabu-Shreyas Talpade starrer Season’s Greetings, despite it being 80 per cent complete. Earlier, we heard that they decided to disassociate themselves from David Dhawan’s jailhouse comedy Hook Ya Crook. It’s rumoured that the film’s star John Abraham and David Dhawan will now produce the film themselves. The film is allegedly 90 per cent complete. Dhawan wants some scenes with Indian cricketers but the IPL season has kept them busy.

This is a pity - Tabu needs to be seen more in films, such a fine talent!

The English version of 'Kites' will release one week later

Now here's vital info. While everyone knows that the much-awaited KITES will be released worldwide on May 21, its international cut - in English language - will be released one week later, on May 28. It means, the American audiences will get to watch the two versions [Hindi and English] in two consecutive weeks. While the Hindi version, targeted at the Indian diaspora with a running time of 2 hours, will arrive on May 21, the English version, with a running of 90 minutes, will arrive at select venues on May 28.

Here's more on KITES! More than a week ago, a reputed newspaper had done a 'Spoiler Alert' and had revealed the climax of this keenly anticipated film. Expectedly, the news-report sent shock waves across the length and breadth of the film fraternity, since an expose of this kind, much before its release, usually harms the film in question.

While the newspaper tendered an apology the very next morning, KITES director Anurag Basu couldn't hide his anger while talking about it. "The climax mentioned in the news-report is false and fabricated. The sad part about the whole thing is, even if I say it's wrong, people might assume that's how the film actually ends," Basu sounds hurt.

This supremely talented director likes to stay away from the media glare, even though he's helmed one of the biggest movies of this year. Ask him if he had differences with producer Rakesh Roshan and he jokes, "Thankfully, we didn't come to blows." But he gets serious soon enough, "Actually, it took us time to adjust to each other's pattern of working. There were no hiccups once we understood each other," he says.

So will he work with the Roshans again? "You should ask them whether they would like to work with me again," he laughs.

This could be a smart move - Hrithik has enough hard-core fans who might go and see both versions in theaters overseas!!