April 8, 2010

Kites new promo - Tum Bhi Ho Wahi

IPL must be nearing a close, it is raining promos now! This one has cool visuals, very slick, but does no one else think that Mori and Hrithik are showing too much "teeth" in every smile?


Rajiv said...

Agreed. They are showing too much teeth in every smile. Looks cheesy imo.

rudresh said...

Raj and Paredsi: they have nice smile guys :)

But i think, they are promoting movie as love story and i think that particular portions of movie will be bad ones.( or one can say cheesy).

Other story plot will be interesting. But I always found this love chit chat cheesy and boring, even in Kaho na pyar hai

rudresh said...

But movie will open big for sure. It has good music, better than many big releases in recent years. Its promo has good visuals, story plot is looking interesting.

We did not even have Kangna and Hrithik dance numbers yet. As per choreographer , kangana has danced amazingly well.

Khanabadosh said...

Song is nice..

ps: Nitpicking - Hrithik is obviously driving in USA (Left hand side driving) but he is on other side of yellow line!

Pardesi said...

Hahahah Khanabadosh - you have an eye for detail, I never even noticed!

ApexHeights said...

Trance pe dance

Is this what he means by songs giving a feeling of “flying away”

Rajiv said...

Barbara Mori looks like a typical portuguese woman lol!

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