April 26, 2010

Interview with Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin

Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin: Minus Emotional Atyachaar

They are like two giggly school kids in love. They can’t take their eyes off each other. She is like a sliver of
sunshine paddling around in the pool while he puffs away at his cancer stick watching her indulgently. That’s Anurag and Kalki for you. They give chalk and cheese a whole new dimension. One that is sans any kinda emotional atyachaar.

Read on:

How do you react to being termed an ‘odd couple’?
Anurag: I used to think we were an odd couple until I discovered that she has a thing for older, potbellied men.
Kalki: Don’t flatter yourself. I have no type.
Anurag: C’mon I know you get turned on every time you see my paunch.
Kalki (ignoring that): He tends to
be a little immature but otherwise he is okay.

What attracted you to each other in the first place?
Kalki: I was due for an audition for Chanda’s part in Dev D but he refused to audition me saying I was a model type and he wanted an actress.
Anurag: What to do ya… uske portfolio pictures bahut sexy the.
I have to thank UTV for insisting we cast her.
Kalki: He refused to even see my audition and when I went up to him he refused to talk to me. I got a little scared. Five minutes after I leave the office I get a call from him and he sheepishly tells me to come back. He had watched my audition and thought I was perfect for the part.
Anurag: Everyone forced me to watch her audition. I didn’t want to watch it because my script had no place for a Chanda who was white. I had to finally rewrite her entire part. I gave her books to read and films to watch.......
Anurag: What also happened was that my daughter was on the shoot and they bonded big-time. That was the turning point for me.
Kalki: After we finished filming I got busy with a play and when I came back he really pursued me. He would pick me up from rehearsals and so on. And ya one thing led to another...
Anurag: Actually she had a traumatic experience on a local train, and she was so upset she wanted to return to Bangalore. I didn’t want to let her go so I went with her.

Is marriage on the cards?
Kalki, Anurag: (In unison) NO!
Kalki: Marriage is a practical solution but otherwise what’s in it? We are doing everything married couples do anyway.

Sukanya Venkatraghavan