April 1, 2010

Exclusive : Ra One First Look

Ra One First Look


ApexHeights said...

Good one Illusionist !!

you got me there…went for a peekaabo due to that pic of Mr Khan which for a change is clean cut and the look in the eyes meant business.... not the sci-fi wired look

Minnie said...
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Caulfield said...


Minnie - did u see watch the first look? It is not the pic above, but the green colored text written below which is a link to some other page. Remember SRK has had his haircut recently and right now he is shooting for RaOne. And in this pic he is having long hair. Check out the link below and comment just the opposite of what u said above. :P

Minnie said...

Thanks Cauli....for letting me on the secret :-)
Illusionist...wait for my revenge :-(

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