April 19, 2010

The Curious Case of Saawariya

The inside story of how Sony Pictures in India went about producing Saawariya, the grand debacle, and why the experience frightened studios.

“I don’t know why we did it. It still keeps bugging me. If we had…” His voice trailed off. It was hard for Uday Singh to admit. Not the mistake, but the doubt. He was always so sure. He saw things before others did. He knew things before others did. His people found it freaky, even for a visionary whose vision had made Sony Pictures what it was today: tight, efficient, profitable. But none of that mattered when he made his last mistake. The one that nearly shut down Sony’s film production business in India.



Pardesi said...

This is an excellent article. In the case of Fox, the CEO said that they were involved from the early stages. Do not know if that is true but certainly they saw the finished product long before release. How could Sony be so foolish? And the egos involved lost them 25 to 30 crores. If there was no clash with OSO this film would easily have done that much more.

Anonymous said...

clearly also looks like SLB did them in by not showing product since late stages . it was also Sonys first film and they put blind faith in SLB . they should have checked figures of all SLB films and not just go by media news . he has never made a hit+ film and will never make one due to the kind of films he make .

feel bad for the Uday singh and daruwala guy .

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