April 11, 2010

Ash on SRK (from Hello magazine Interview with Shobha De)

Scan from Hello Magazine (Sorry for the poor qulity )
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The Illusionist said...

Clearly Ash has never moved on. After all these years she sounds bitter. This is what distinguishes her from others like Sush.

Khanabadosh said...

She does sound bitter. But I think that is normal. "jab ek baar riston mei daraar padti hai to koi bhi cement kaam nahi kartaa". I still don't get how Karan and Kareena are best friend when they fought bitterly in past.

Pardesi said...

You have to understand that with Aish it is bitterness with Rani. That could be due to the past and Abhishek's closeness to Rani, his best roles and connection on screen with Rani, and the fact that Chalte Clate went from Aish to Rani. Also Chalte Chalte was a success and it came at a time when Ash's career was at its lowest and she desperately needed a hit. She was doing item numbers in Shakti and Bunty Aur Babli to pick up her career graph. So SRK's removal of Aish from the film was bad for her for 3 reasons:

1. SRK unfairly took Salman's side (though some may argue that SRK was only doing what anyone would do who was obligated to and friends with a family - look at the Amar Singh Big B equation! Of course it was also not a direct confrontation between SRK and Salman but a question of taking sides.

2. Aish needed a big film and a hit desperately - and she was ousted from a film with SRK.

3. The role went to Rani who was her rival at that point!

I do not fault her for her bitterness, but it is time for her to move on.

The Illusionist said...

The point is she is still bitter even after all these years. The fact that she is bringing in Gauri Khan of all the people into the conversation makes me believe she will never move on. Some people think too much of themselves, and she is ONE of them.

The Illusionist said...

SRK himself has admitted that he took more than Salman's side. In fact he has acknowledged that he went to Ash's parent on behalf of Salman.

If Gauri has tried to apologize to Ash, it is because she is a 'class' act unlike Ash.

Khanabadosh said...

Illusionist - I don't think there is anything to do with 'class', it is just that people are different. Some people take the bitterness to end of their life. It could be argued about people who are unlike her that they are "be pendi ka lota". (as you see in differing opinion in Sush's case about her relationships).

Pardesi said...

IF Gauri went to apologize then that is large hearted on her part. Al she did was take Salman's rishta to Aish's parents, that is neither disrespectful nor awkward.

Aish will never realize that her cachet went up after marrying into the Bachchan parivar, so none of this is her own doing.

I also believe that while stars can make some directors,producers, it is in the end a producer's/director's game. When a star is down, his fortunes can be revamped by simply being in a big film. Look at Big B and how the Chopras helped jump start his second innings. So stars should always be respectful of the star-makers, because what goes up will usually come down, that is simple law of life.

I suspect that this (plus simple economics of doing away with middle man) is why many actors are getting into the movie making business. SRK/Gauri will produce films long after SRK has stopped being a magnet at the Box Office.

Someone mentioned Karan and Kareena. Karan is the most urbane fellow on the scene, he rarely gets into direct backbiting or fighting with anyone. He has been known to help patch-up many a BW fight. Dharma productions is on the rise and will continue to make films. Kareena was smart to recognize all this.

I was reading what Asha Bhosle was told by RD Burman, when she decided to not sing for a Music Director she had differences with. Pancham told her that singing was her profession, and she should sing for whoever asks her to sing, and forget about personal differences and back-biting!!!

The Illusionist said...

@Khanabadosh - Yes, in life some carry bitterness to the end, and Ash is clearly one of them.

The Illusionist said...

The suggestion that SRK/Gauri will produce movies and hence will patch up with stars for that is a stretch.

The Illusionist said...

I for one tends to think that Gauri approached Ash to apologize because she is Abhi's wife and that Abhi is close to SRK & family. She was trying to smoothen out things ?

PS : I cannot believe i have ended up defending SRK.. How did i land up here ? :P

Minnie said...

ROFL...Illusionist :-) Now that you have started a good trend, we expect you to continue doing it.... starting from cheering KKR in their next match :-)

I completely agree with Illusionist and Pardesi that Gauri showed extreme class and large heartedness in apologizing to Aish! She was probably doing it for smooth family friendships...clearly the same consideration was not shown by Aish who insists on bringing up the same old bitterness in every interview!

Pardesi said...

Illusionist, it was exactly the opposite. Bebo's patchup with Karan, Pancham's advice to Asha - do your job as actor/singer and forget any enmities

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