April 17, 2010

American version of My Name Is Khan to be shorter by 35 minutes

If the name Alan Edward Bell doesn't ring a 'bell' in your mind, then, let us tell you that, he is the same man who is responsible for the crisp editing of 500 Days Of Summer. And it is going to be this man who will very soon be the talk of the nation (or is that 'globe'?), as he is the man responsible for 'taming the hurricane'. For the uninitiated, we are talking about the climax of Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan wherein the characters get stranded due to a hurricane. Post the release of the film in India; while the story and screenplay were appreciated to the hilt, this was one particular scene that was panned by critics alike. But, for its US release, KJo has let Bell's hands to do the talking (read 'snipping').

Karan Johan candidly admits that he was expecting this scene not to work in the same wavelength as the film's story. He also added that, it was for this reason, that he let Bell to do his job (without any interference from him) since he wanted an outsider's perspective to the story. This has now resulted in the chopping of the hurricane scene in the US version of My Name Is Khan. Bell's work will be visible in the film, which releases on May 7th in the US, and will have its subtitles and voiceovers in English for the audiences there.



Caulfield said...

I loved the editing of (500) Days of Summer. It was crisp and had a very good non-linear structure. So, I hope Bell makes the film better. :)

Pardesi said...

Any chopping of the "hurricane" will only improve the film. And I felt the Hindi voice-overs over English dialogs were odd, so that should be changed in this version too. Should be a better product overall.

ApexHeights said...

Too little too late!!

..And may we all know who the target audience here is or is this just a bluff for media that earnings on this movie are not done yet.

I for one had no problem with those flood scenes since at least that helped the movie to move away from SF, pink wardrobes, and the love story part of it. Yes those hum honge kamyaab / we shall overcome scenes were a bit childishly presented. It seemed kjo just learnt about the similarities there and was hammering the comparison on us.

They would be better off chopping those Saloon scenes and Tere Naina bits and you got to watch the link below to understand where I am coming from..

Tere Naina

Pardesi said...

Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya!!!! The box office is pure numbers and in the end it all comes out. No one can throw dust in anyone's eyes.

Anonymous said...

hurricane scene was anyways badly shot... very pathetic set though.. it was highlighting KHAN's good side... too much of melodrama with bad set and art work... thank God it's edited.... i liked the film but htis scene was really troubling me... dunno why mebbe technically...evn the scene of his intelligence during chldhd coul dbe edited... too long to watch

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