March 31, 2010

SRK and I look for every little excuse to spend time together: Hrithik

It took a decade for two of Bollywood’s biggest heroes to put their egos behind them and strike up a friendship based on “pure love”. In 2000 when Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and Mohabbatein released, reigning actor Shah Rukh Khan and one of the most talked about newcomer Hrithik Roshan most certainly didn’t see eye to eye. In fact, the media had a field day playing up their differences. Sources say that even when Karan Johar brought them together for his film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham , the two were just about cordial with each other. However, things are quite different now.

The last year and a half has seen a 180 degree turn in the equation between Shah Rukh and Hrithik, who are now best friends. Hrithik says, “We have our wives to thank for this. Gauri and Sussanne are very very close. And yes, in a way they have brought Shah Rukh and me closer.” Pondering over their now thick as blood relationship, Hrithik says, “Shah Rukh has always been extremely warm even when we were not so close. I have come to respect him for that.”

“We have become very close and have partied together so often. We have celebrated each other’s successes and also each other’s failures. Shah Rukh and I are just happy friends and we look for every little excuse to spend time with each other,” adds Hrithik.

Hrithik says that while the world sees just the two of them being friends, SRK and he are part of a much larger group. Karan Johar, Uday Chopra, Sanjay Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Chunky Pandey, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar also hang out with them.

“All of us usually go out together,” says Hrithik. ``It is nice to have people who care for you and are there for you especially in an industry where it is very easy to get entangled in ego clashes.”

He sums up his equation with SRK saying, “Shah Rukh and I have a relationship where there is no competition or jealousy. There is nothing but pure love.”


The Illusionist said...

"There is nothing but pure love."

I believe so =))

Minnie said...

Trust people to misinterpret an innocent statement like that !!

Pardesi said...

Right Minnie. They both are family oriented men with kids and wives who get along with each other. Neither Hrithik nor SRK seem to be the kind who would party hardy, so it is likely their wives drive the socializing agenda. They also seem to not be in direct competition, like Salman or Aamir with SRK. Friendships are just easier in such situations.

ApexHeights said...

"It took a decade for two of Bollywood’s biggest heroes to put their egos behind them and strike up a friendship.."

Mr Khan’s sudden overdrive to win friends and mend ways is interesting to watch. He is meeting the same people coming down the ladder of life whom he met while climbing up.

Pardesi said...

The interview has been given by Hrithik and not Mr. Khan. The commentary is from the interviewer and like all BW journalism it is not worth the paper it was printed on. Maybe the person rising up (here read Hrithik) is giving this interview as he (and not Mr. Khan) has a major release from the home production coming up.

Minnie said...

"He is meeting the same people coming down the ladder of life whom he met while climbing up."

ROFL... Critics had written off SRK after Hrithik's debut in KNPH...A decade later, people are still trying to write his obituary and Hrithik is still trying to play catch up...and the game continues...

ApexHeights said...

Time for writing him off , obituary is all past and gone. Its reality of the future which has to hit Mr Khan's fans.....sooner the better !

Pardesi said...

Yes, he has been written off multiple times, so I think those writers have had a lot of practice in writing him off and THEN ACCEPTING their mistakes by crowning him king yet again.

I just read that domestic and overseas gross combined MNIK is now the biggest film after 3 Idiots. It is certainly time to write Mr. Khan off.

Minnie said...

ROFL...Pardesi :-)

ApexHeights said...

Numbers mean nothing and we can’t even think of equating the acceptance of MNIK to a movie like 3Idiots.

As for the numbers, this was a movie release from Mr. Khan after a gap of more than 1 year and took three four years to conceptualize and make.

Further I have no faith in these numbers and the sources are so frivolous that it is simply a waste of time discussing them.

ApexHeights said...

Hope this link helps -

In case people lose patience , the relevant part begins somewhere near the 3 minute mark.

"No matter what you do if a film doesn't work, you cannot fool the people and you can do whatever you want and when a film works you dont have to convince the people....."

ApexHeights said...

Could someone please guide me to post links properply.

Thanks in advance.

Pardesi said...

I have no need to listen to Aamir Khan on how MNIK did! I saw him cutting 200 cr cakes at the time of Ghajini, that was enough for me! He has had a long time to learn the lesson of acceptability by audiences. At the time of Mangal Pandey did he not say that what mattered was the opening weekend? Did his wife and nephew not go around proclaiming in the news that his hit was the biggest ever? Now he is being modest!!!

Let us really compare 3 Idiots and MNIK. 3 Idiots was a crowd pleaser full of toilet jokes, singing and dancing. MNIK was a serious film with none of those elements and no lip sync singing or dancing. In fact even Ghajini as a masala was more full of crowd pleasing elements, boosted by a completely lifted storyline (via the Tamil original - but same director, who claimed and was supported by Aamir as stating that he had never seen MEMENTO!!). For MNIK to now break the Ghajni total nett record is extremely commendable keeping in mind the genre. The sources are Taran Adarsh and BOI. Those same sources have been accepted when it came to Ghajini and 3 Idiots numbers so no point in calling them names now.

starinthemaking said...

Well said Pardesi :)

starinthemaking said...

And let's not forget that MNIK was a totally rejected movie and yet it did 70+ in that's a big deal indeed :D

ApexHeights said...

..what I meant was I have no faith in any box-office numbers, whatever be the source and even if they are user based , they are never attempted objectively and maturity is missing plus agenda driven and star alignments evident at each step.

ApexHeights said...

..whether it is cutting a 200 cr cake or family screaming biggest hit ever – the general perception of an Aamir Khan is low key, to the point, honest, principled, ethical and a man with strong beliefs..….and I could go on and on…whereas the self proclaimed king is pompous even in humility.

So I feel you do need to listen to that tpaed link and then make an educated assessment. Now underneath what they are or what they represent should be of least interest as that will be pure speculations and based on hearsay.

ApexHeights said...

coming to the 3Idiots comparison don’t y'all think behind all that toilet humor was a very novel story and message.

Due to Christmas timing of release, I was fortunate to watch this movie along with my school friends whom I was reuniting after a long gap and there were feelings of déjà vu throughout the screening and nostalgia. Each one had at least one piece in the movie which they could relate to whether it was farhan or his dad mr. quereshi episode, chatur / rancho constant tussle and comparisons, virus type professors ….and guys don’t tell me one hasn’t come across a ‘millimeter’ in life….even the pia-rancho encounters and demo with ‘price tag’ though simplistic and funny seemed well researched. The movie had its heart and mind in the right place and people thronged in big numbers.

ApexHeights said...

starinthemaking this is what I mean implying too that MNIK was more or less rejected and the acceptance cannot be equated even with a Ghajini

starinthemaking said...

Amir khan is principled??? ethical?? and HONEST??

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...even aamir must be laughing at that!! ROFLOL!!!

ApexHeights said...

starinthemaking - now come on.

what makes you think otherwise.

starinthemaking said... honest and tell me..weren't you laughing when you wrote that line?? LOL

A principled person wouldn't go around calling his colleague "dog"
An ethical person wouldn't be involved in credit sharing issues (TZP/3Is)
and he is certainly not honest as Pardesi has rightly pointed out!

And please show me one video where SRK has called himself a KING!(since you called him a self proclaimed king). It's actually the other way around. It's Aamir who has gone around calling himself the No.1 actor :P

ApexHeights said...

There is something known as sense of humor and a light joke was picked up to cause a lot of distress between the two of them.

ApexHeights said...

Hasn’t srk admitted there are worst thing he has said about aamir both publicly and privately and inspite of that both shared a mutual admiration for each other

ApexHeights said...

3Idiot controversy there were a lot of issues involved to pinpoint who was right and wrong.

TZP , imo he acted in good faith and took over the reins since the movie which is a collective effort was suffering. The results are there for all to see and everyone benefitted from a better movie including amol gupte.

Pardesi said...

Aamir is neither low-key nor simple nor above board. (I doubt any one in the BW biz is.) Why?

1. Ghajni - Aamir stated categorically that all Murugadoss had seen was the DVD cover of Memento - proof still on his blog!

2. Without reading FPS he came out guns blazing against Chetan Bhagat. That is dishonest.

3. TZP story is murky, but Amole's side is very clear, reins were taken from him very late in the game! Why not have dual directorial credit? Abbas Mustaan, Joel and Ethan Coen. It is all about generosity of spirit, and all the more necessary when one is dealing with a love of labor that was >10 years in the writing! Benefit and BO is one thing and innate honesty and generosity is another.

4. He cut a cake saying "200 crores" for Ghajini - so now we take his word on the Box Office and other real sites are suspect? When more than one source comes out with numbers that are backed up by Box Office Mojo, then anyone who suspects these has to begin their own site and start churning out their own numbers.

5. I was a student too, and no part of 3 I or its message resonated with me. To each his own. The spate of suicides continues unabated, some even allegedly inspired by 3 Idiots. And Indian student applicant are now the biggest plagiarizers of college essay content after China. I am sure that will go away if they simply follow their dream and do not study!!! My point is, messages in movies may work for some subset and not for others. MNIK had a message too - and that is why it did unprecedented business across the globe, more in Muslim dominated areas. BECAUSE while 95% of global terrorism is Muslim, only a very small handful of the Muslim population is terrorist or has such sympathies.

6. SRK also said that his children were extremely hurt by what Aamir said. And saying things in private is one thing, on a public platform like a blog or in the media (same difference - as blogs are picked up by media) is another!

Minnie said...

"the general perception of an Aamir Khan is low key, to the point, honest, principled, ethical and a man with strong beliefs...."

I guess we are talking about his personal life here? I'm sorry to say this but I don't think a guy who is incapable of even owning up to his own child is any of the above !

Caulfield said...

"TZP , imo he acted in good faith and took over the reins since the movie which is a collective effort was suffering."

Why was the film suffering? Why did Amol Gupte leave the film? I have heard numerous times now that directors seem to have problem with Aamir Khan these days. Did Amol Gupte too had problems with Aamir interfering in his business. And even Aamir took over the reins as the film was suffering and probably Aamir did not want that, he should have given the credit to Amol Gupte for whatever parts he directed.

ApexHeights said...

The anti aamir stance here is mind boggling. It really amuses me the guy after keeping such a low profile still invokes such strong reactions. I can only sympathize with y’all and understand the intense feeling of dislike for Ace Khan since he was instrumental in dislodging the mighty Khan from the high pedestal.

Minnie said...

After 20 long years of trying to play catch up? Tch..Tch..I think sympathy is a sentiment that all Aamir fans should be saving for themselves...SRK fans at least got 20 years of his youth...All Aamir fans are gonna get are his CGI enhanced college youth roles at 44 and beyond !!

ApexHeights said...

The biggest testimony of Aamir’s success story in these so called ‘interference’ episodes is that none of these personalities alone have been able to come up with anything worthwhile after declutching with this marvel. So I would naturally think its Ace Khan who if not all but made most of the difference.

The past is strewn with such instances be it Rakesh Mehra or John Matthew Matthan or the so called intelligent Farhan Akhtar….
Why, just look at the track record of people he worked with when left to their own devices .. There is 3Idiot and then there is baat pakki with same sharman joshi and teen paati with madhavan. All within a span of few weeks and the results were entirely different.

What does it all say ?

ApexHeights said...

Lol Minnie.

CGI enhanced look is still more bearable than the puffy eyed grumpy superstar.

Minnie , please check out Aamir's new look during the padma award ceremony.

Minnie said...

Grumpy and Shahrukh ? Are we talking about the same person here who is famous for his wit and sense of humor?
And btw if you really want to see puffy-eyed, try watching Fanaa :-)

ApexHeights said...

grumpy sour look is more of a recent phenomena
and no not from failures - but just experiences and reactions to them..

Minnie said...

This supposed "grumpy sour look" seems to be a figment of imagination of some Aamir fans...cant blame 'em since these fans can hardly recognize the look of a guy with a great sense of humor...after all their own idol has never given them an opportunity to laugh with him (all attempts at humor from Aamir appear so forced that I cringe for him !)

Pardesi said...

Grumpy and puffy eyed despite BOTOX, so a college kid can be played convincingly - that is Ace Khan. Not that there is anything wrong with that! I say more power to Ace Khan that he can keep his fans happy playing a 19 year old college fresher! If he does not do it at age 44 when will he do it?

Aamir's interference and other projects by those directors - my favorite Aamir film is 1947 Earth and he and Deepa fought as she would NOT let him interfere. They are still not on speaking terms.

People tend to confuse BO success with the film quality. BO wise 3 Idiots may have been the most successful Hirani film but the first Munnabhai was the best of Hirani. Superstars tend to take mediocre films with pleasing content to success. That is something that Aamir, SRK and Hrithik can do. Swades is one aberration here - BUT content wise no one can fault it, it is the sincerity and seriousness that makes it wonderful while at the same time keeping away people who want to see dancing, romancing and comedy in the traditional style. Heck even Akki and Salman can take regressive content to some level of success.

In the end it all boils down to which films will stand the test of time. Aamir has 3 monster hits (Raja Hindustani, Ghajni and 3 Idiots) - his fans have already distanced themselves from two of these. Same cannot be said of SRK's huge hits, they continue to live in memories and hearts of people.

ApexHeights said...

“they continue to live in memories and hearts of people” - hope you don’t mean that and just saying that for the sake of effect.

The accusation seems to be the other way round that most of SRK films have not aged well at all.

ApexHeights said...

How I wish Aamir interfered with 1947. The movie could have been a watchable one and those beautiful songs not gone wasted.

Deepa Mehta of Water and Fire fame? even experimental cinema needs to have boundaries

Pardesi said...

I'd like to see your list of SRK and Aamir films that have an have not aged well.

DDLJ is SRK's biggest hit - we all know how it has aged! Let us see if 3 Idiots can match that. Like I said - let us come out with lists and then talk. And let us not start with some imaginary date but look at the entire careers of both actors - I mean, let the fans not try to avoid Raja Hindustani, Dil , Love Love Love etc. in Aamir's filmography.

ApexHeights said...

"I say more power to Ace Khan that he can keep his fans happy playing a 19 year old college fresher! If he does not do it at age 44 when will he do it?"

Think of the frightening possibilities if King played that part as originally planned. Don’t you think that could have been more dreadful? God knows what interpretation of Rancho’s character we would have had to bear. At least we were spared the tight pant tight shirt Raj of Jatland

ApexHeights said...

Lagaan alone is answer to all querries on aging and shelf life.

Add to that DCH , RDB and QSQT for starters..

ApexHeights said...

DDLJ is borderline case for cringy cinema at this time. Let us see where it stands henceforth but the rest DPH , Veer Zara , K3G etc etc - naming them itself may becomes an embarrassment of sorts here.

Except Swades or to an extent KHKN there are none I can pinpoint

Minnie said...

I dont think there is any common grounds for discussion with a person who regards DDLJ as "cringy"! I rest my case!!

Pardesi said...

Agree Minnie - DDLJ is cringy? ROFL!!! Then what on earth are Raja Hindustani, Mela, Love Love Love (and too many more to name) and Ghajini?

No point in carrying on a discussion with someone who never saw Dil se, Raju Ban Gaya Gentelman, Baazigar, Yes Boss, Chak de India and thinks Rab ne Bana Di Jodi is all about tight shirts and pants!!

Lagaan is not the be all the end all of Hindi cinema. If that were the case then the likes of Hurt Locker, Titanic and Avatar would be the be all and end off the HW.

It is indeed ironic that this extreme subjugation of PHOREN honors is coming from someone who thinks India Today lists are more relevant than Time Magazine lists!!

Pardesi said...

And Deepa Mehta of EARTH is what I am talking about, seems like some Aamir fans may have missed the really good films in his filmography.

ApexHeights said...

There is difference when Time names 'Person Of the Year' and when a casual free for all poll for most influential people is made where Conan O’Brien and the likes of Jimmy Kimmel are lead players.

As far as India Today is concerned it is one magazine which meets any gold standard in journalism nationally or internationally. Their power list has a lot of statistical analysis to back up the ranking and the power they weild.They are important because of what they do and are influential because of their impact on the wider public.

ApexHeights said...

1947 – Earth that is what it was. A slow, disturbing movie but simply remained within the confines of film festival circuit and for audience with quirky intellectual tastes. Deepa why not try a wider audience for a change…..wish deepa was more of team player and utilized aamir’s expertise.

Seriously all I remember from that movie is ruth aa gayee re , a realistic aamir as dil nawaz and yes nandita das who became women’s lib spokesperson around that time giving pre release interviews bragging and talking that this would be the first time on screen , audience will see a female stripping a male during love making and this no more a man’s prerogative anymore ..whatever that means

Pardesi said...

Time vs India Today for the same person who thinks Oscars vs Indian Awards, nothing more left to be said. The 200 people in the list were not there by some open poll, they were there based on selection. Conan O'Brien is riff-raff? That India Today list has 20 such riff-raff on it!!! I am still waiting for Aamir to be declared Time magazine man of the year to validate some adulation here!!

Here is what 1947 Earth was - an excellent nuanced film that shines as outstanding in Aamir's filmography. Nandita Das is a feminist spokesperson and that takes the shine out of Earth? I can finally understand everything, including the Sushmita vs Katrina comparisons!

I have quirky intellectual tastes and I am proud of that fact. For me the Box Office is worth the money I spent buying a movie ticket and enjoying a film, if NOT then the film is a colossal FAIL. BUT for those who consider BO above all, why is DDLJ of questionable shelf life? For that matter, why are Raja Hindustani or Ghajini not better than Lagaan? They did many times more business than the latter!

ApexHeights said...

Lagaan was treading a new path on many fronts and I am not talking here about the setting, the rural background, the dialect etc. Movie in spite of being populist never got gimmicky at any stage which is so important for these arty type cinema. Have never seen such a lengthy movie and not getting bored. The movie will take a whole new thread about what I liked and disliked there but let just say each viewing is more enriching than the other.

Raja Hindustani had its moment I liked the movie and it met my expectations. Just the songs and their picturisation made it well worth the time. I don’t know if it has aged well but I could still sit through the movie.
Unfortunately this isn’t the case with most SRK movie. Never liked Dil Se when it came and never attempted again, though dislike for manisha koirala took precedence in this case. This was also guddu , duplicate , ashoka stage which was getting hammy and repetitive. DDLJ may still be sweet and funny but most first half will be cringe worthy in current times since tastes have changed drastically. Lesser said about other SRK movie the better it is.

There are many I know who swore by him before , cannot stand him even in the movies they thought he was brilliant. All this is due to change in perception and Mr Khan has serious work ahead of him to chart a new course to remain relevant.

Caulfield said...

The concept of Lagaan is taken from a TV series NUKKAD. Just like in Lagaan, the poor villagers had to pay tax to the rich Britishers, in Nukkad, the poor villagers were asked to empty the land where they lived by the rich people. In both cases to settle out the things between the rich and the poor, a bet was placed and that was to play a cricket match. NUKKAD was directed Kundan Shah (director of gems like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa).

Next time you say Aamir Khan's stance here is mind boggling, think twice and find some logic rather than being a fanatic. He has been rippig off movies right from Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi. I heard somewhere Aamir Khan was invited by Mahesh Bhatt to his library and was shown some Hollywood films and was asked Which film do you want to copy. He replied "It Happened One Night". And hence Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi was made. From those days till today (his so called chaged Avatar), all he has done is copied films -

Love Love Love - Remake of Tuff Turf
Dil Hai Kanta Nahi - It Happened One Night
Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander - Beaking Away
Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke - Houseboat
Akele Hum Akele Tum - Kramer vs Kramer
Raja Hindustani - Jab Jab Phool Khile
Ghulam - One The Waterfront
Mann - Love Affair/An Aafair To Remember
Lagaan - Nukkad
Ghajini - Memento + Max Payne (Game)
3 Idiots - DCH + Mohhabatein + TZP

Even the narrative structure of Rang De Basanti is a copy of some film I don't remember.

So, from the list most of his hit films and all his BLOCKBUSTERS are copied from some other film. For me good films in his filmography include -

Dil Chahta Hai.

SRK has experimented far more than Aamir with films like Baazigar/Darr, O Darling Yeh Hai India, Asoka, Maya Memsaab, Swades, CDI, MNIK, Dil Se..

Never liked Dil Se when it came and never attempted again, though dislike for manisha koirala took precedence in this case. This was also guddu , duplicate , ashoka stage which was getting hammy and repetitive.

Guddu came in 1995 and Duplicate in 1998, Asoka in 2001, How can these stages be same? Duplicate - Yes he did overact. Asoka and Dil Se.. are too of his finest performances.

starinthemaking said...

"As far as India Today is concerned it is one magazine which meets any gold standard in journalism nationally or internationally. Their power list has a lot of statistical analysis to back up the ranking and the power they weild.They are important because of what they do and are influential because of their impact on the wider public."

OMG..did i read that alright? Aren't Headlines Today and AajTak a part of the same GROUP? One runs one-hour long programs like "Aaj Amitabh Bachchan kitni baar sneeze kiye" and the other does the same in English!!Some GOLD STANDARD that is :D
When my brother was preparing for MBA, the teachers there had specifically asked the students to avoid "trash" like India Today and focus more on magazines like Frontline, The Week, Economic and Political Weekly!! India Today was some what important in the past, not anymore :P

Caulfield said...

"Asoka and Dil Se.. are too of his finest performances."

Typo there :)

They are TWO of his finest performances.

starinthemaking said...

Great Research Cauli :) I have to show that list to my friends!

Pardesi said...

Could not agree more with Cauli on both AK and SRK! To be fair, both actors had a fair number of copied films, but recently Aamir has carried on with his momentous Memento ripoff, SRK is thankfully staying away from such blatant plagiarism.

I was thinking about this and I thought that gaps in opinion can be bridged but chasms cannot. Anyone who thinks Kat is better actor than Sushmita, and Manisha Koirala and Dil se are sub-standard, is on the other side of a deep chasm from me, so no point in further debate.

Khanabadosh said...

Rang de basanti's narrative is similar to Jesus of Montreal (People start behaving the role they are enacting). But Lagaan and 3 Idiots comparisons are far fetched. It will be like saying Swades is like any coming to roots movie?

Caulfield said...

KB - Thanks for the info about RDB.
Lagaan's and 3 I's comparisons aren't far fetched IMO. What is the point of making 3 I when TZP too dealt with the same thing? That 'Do Your Thing' films have been overdone in BW post Dil Chahta Hai. DCH, TZP, Rock On and now 3 Idiots all going by the same Do Your Thing concept. TZP and 3 I are as similar to each other as DCH and Rock On!!. The director of the first film (DCH, TZP) is the lead actor in the second (Rock On.., 3I).
For Nukkad and Lagaan, I saw Nukkad after watching Lagaan, and whenever I used to watch it, I was reminded of Lagaan. You should see Nukkad if you haven't yet. It is a brilliant TV series showing unity of those poor people with comic moments.

Far fetched comparisons would be when I start comparing the character of Elizabeth(sister of Russel) in Lagaan (helped Aamir Khan in Lagaan) to Vibhishan(brother of Ravana) in Ramayana (helped Rama). :P

ApexHeights said...

3 Idiots - DCH + Mohhabatein + TZP !

Hadh kardee apne

ApexHeights said...

When I talked about India Today it was strictly the magazine and not the India today group per se. The magazine continues to maintain superiority among written media. It has definitely diluted over the years since it became fortnightly and then weekly keeping up to the fast paced communication world we are plugged into. Frontline, Week etc are too regional for anyone’s taste and caters to limited readership.

Actually the electronic media has played havoc on most of these publications and Time magazines and Newsweek are no more what they used to be… print media is part of the dying species !

ApexHeights said...

Cauli , there was a period all srk was engages was only ham fest ! Raam jaane , One Two ka four , Chaahat , English Babu , Trimiurti …the list goes on ! Only yrf /kjo were providing him some holding ground and traction and luckily for him Indians were still fantasizing romance in that decade.

Aamir on the pther hand even during that mad mushy period , apart from few aberrations was still catering to the intelligentsia…waiting for the audience to mature and grow up and boy !what a growing up they did post 2000….Lagaan and DCH in 2001 opened floodgates to thinking cinema !

If only Aamir did not go into hibernation due to personal reasons , SRK state in 02/03 would have been what it is today...still deciding between a sinha or a farah

wrt to aamir copying hollywood movies , let us just say these movies were very well indianised and were helpful in changing the tastes of average moviegoer.

starinthemaking said...

Frontline is regional? :P Apex..i am sorry if i sound rude but dude which planet are you from??

ApexHeights said...

where do I say a Katrina is a better actor than a Manisha or Sushmita? What I can argue for sure is that Katrina in her short innings is providing more bounce for the ounce and suited well to the roles she has done.

She may not have been tested fully but she has not disappointed in few of the complex roles she has attempted until now, like New York or Namaste London. Don't y’all agree her stocks will shoot through the roof if she does a Chandni / Lamhe for yrf / dharma – considered the ultimate for srkfanz driven blog !

ApexHeights said...

star - it covers mostly regional issues and has more political drama happening doing south than anywhere else... atleast that was the case few years back. dont know if the edit has had changes recently.

starinthemaking said...

"Aamir on the other hand even during that mad mushy period , apart from few aberrations was still catering to the intelligentsia"....with movies like : jawani Zindabad, Afsana Pyaar ka, Time machine, baazi, Atank hi Atank,Parampara, Shahabzaade, Raja Hindustani, Ishq etc etc . :D

Pardesi said...

You forgot to mention Love Love Love, Mela and so many others!! Path-breaking non-mushy fare, worthy of the intelligentsia!!!

ApexHeights said...

Frontline - from the publishers of THE HINDU
says a lot

Both are very reputed and good but that newspaper is clearly a paper catering to southern india readership.

Pardesi said...

Katrina's bounce is worthy of lip-sync music videos, when I go to films I want to see a set of actors who can act - that includes dialog delivery and showing emotions instead of a cute smile or pout here and there.

starinthemaking said...

Its not Apex.i read HINDU on a regular basis and it covers much more than what you are accusing it of! It gives equal weightage to every region, covers business/sports and has excellent reporting on international affairs and its EDITORIALS are without a doubt the best in India

starinthemaking said...

India Today has of late become a sort of page3 magazine! it hardly has anything to boast of. No wonder students are advised to boycott it these days :D

Minnie said...

ROFL..Star & Pardesi...I had the entire list of Aamir's intelligent cinema of the 90s ready to post...only you guys got there first :-) I had to delete my comment due to redundancy...LOL

ApexHeights said...

It is a very good newspaper – no doubt and remains neutral for most part.

But the standing and circulation is no where close to TOI / Hindustan Times etc.

There is nothing wrong there since it originates from that part so obviously they will have a better grip on stories originating from that part of India.

Pardesi said...
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Pardesi said...

Aamir fans ke liye ek naam hai mere paas- born again Lagaan-ees. For them life begins after Lagaan. Well guess what, the rest of Aamir's history may be denied by them, but it exists and it was not only laughably bad but also unsuccessful!

Caulfield said...

@Apex -

"wrt to aamir copying hollywood movies , let us just say these movies were very well indianised and were helpful in changing the tastes of average moviegoer."

Yeah by copying films on one hand and making RIDICULOUS films like Parampara, Mela, etc. on the other. Hahahahahahahaha.
If you copy assignments in class, is it because you want to change the taste of your teacher?? Go and find some LOGIC man!!! Why are you so afraid to accept that almost all his hit films were COPIED and STOLEN!!!


BTW, even today all he is doing is copying and stealing films.


I think post DCH and Lagaan, Aamir found out a way to fool his FANS. He changes hairstyle in every film and people think that is method acting and he has done some research on the film and he is some serious actor. Aamir pretends to be a better actor than what he really is.

ApexHeights said...

Cauli don’t know how to explain this but even the ‘Ridiculousness’ of those listed films had something to take home. I think in many of those movies he was giving a chance to the masala element of bollywood – but sadly no one benefitted.

Wrt to assignments / class / copy theory - all I will say it we all do read the subject before writing an assignment. I mean we learn from the books and materials at hand and then give it our own interpretation and flair.

Caulfield said...

I think in many of those movies he was giving a chance to the masala element of bollywood – but sadly no one benefitted.

Ohhh Really?? Kindly elaborate. Wait a minute. Leave it. Must be something illogical again. You will try to find a positive in Aamir Khan's fa.... Ahhh!! Leave it!! Why get a ban for arguing with you who has only made ILLOGICAL statements so far in this thread!

Wrt to assignments / class / copy theory - all I will say it we all do read the subject before writing an assignment. I mean we learn from the books and materials at hand and then give it our own interpretation and flair.

If you translate "I am a boy" to "Mai ek Ladka Hun" or "Mai ek Ladka Hoon" doesn't mean you are giving your own interpretation.

Anyways, I have nothing more to say. You still don't make any sense to me. I think even you have an idea how illogical your statements are. But just for the sake of it keep defending your Aamir Khan.

ApexHeights said...

Cauli I have very similar answers to both the issues here by way of digression; be it comparisons between both the khans or simply translating a line from english to hindi stated above ( btw there is difference in translating and interpreting ).

We are talking about art form in both instances and it is open to interpretation or inherent possibility of mis-interpretation & (mis)representation.

Depending on intentions we might exhibit the same set of argument; take it out of context, decontextualize it and recontextualized in any manner…

Pardesi said...

There is no way to interpret cheating, it is simply that - stealing someone else's work and passing it off as your own. Add to that the put down of young writers like Chetan Bhagat without even reading the book, taking directing credit from Amole Gupte, and you can see the essence of the man.

Caulfield said...

I forgot to add one film in the list of remakes by Aamir Khan -

Atank Hi Atank - The Godfather.

@ApexHeights -

First of all, this line I wrote did not come out correctly because of HTML

If you translate "I am a boy" to "Mai ek Ladka Hun" or "Mai ek Ladka Hoon" doesn't mean you are giving your own interpretation.

It was -

If you translate "I am a boy" to "Mai ek Ladka Hun" or "Mai SONG ek SONG Ladka SONG Hoon" doesn't mean you are giving your own interpretation.

Wait let me show you how CHEAP is you favorite Khan's INTERPRETATION of HOLLYWOOD FILMS and why it is just TRANSLATION -

Compare these scene from Kramer vs Kramer and Akele Hum Akele Tum -








I have seen It Happened One Night and Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi. That too is a SCENE BY SCENE remake with ZERO CREATIVITY INVOLVED. It is one thing to copy the plot of a film and treat the scenes differently. (which too is STEALING, BTW). But in this case, not only the plot/story is copied, but even the scenes are copied. It is called a SCENE BY SCENE REMAKE. I don't have problems when people buy the rights to remake a films and PRESENT IN THEIR OWN WAY AND NOT JUST COPY EVERY SCENE AS IT IS (Read carefully), but when they don't buy the rights, and then remake a film THEY THINK THE AUDIENCE ARE FOOLS. This is called CHEATING, STEALING, COPYING etc. Sure, fans like you might try to defend even that. Please CARRY ON!!!

The Illusionist said...

This post was about SRK and Hrithik and their "pure love".. where did Aamir come from ? yawn..

Pardesi said...

Doodh mein makkhi ki tarah.....

The Illusionist said...

Eddu vaale thale nauvoo.. yavagalu.. hindi .. Nannekke elli iddni ?

The Illusionist said...

Edde thara mundu vaardere naavu RL beddutheve.. namaskar..

Pardesi said...

Point taken and post translated loosely:

Like a fly in the ointment...

ApexHeights said...

now Nyan entu cheyyanam ?

ApexHeights said...

Entokkeyaanu chodyangal? Enikku entu cheyyan kazhiyum?

Nyan pokunnu !

Rajeev said...

""..whether it is cutting a 200 cr cake or family screaming biggest hit ever – the general perception of an Aamir Khan is low key, to the point, honest, principled, ethical and a man with strong beliefs..….and I could go on and on…whereas the self proclaimed king is pompous even in humility.

This for me is the biggest joke fo this thread...Enough said

ApexHeights said...

Rajeev – it’s definitely not a joke and has more truth than all would think here.

Firstly this is a general perception about him and this is how he is seen within the media and film industry circles when they talk about him. I make the statement because like many other I too believe the same.

A very recent attestation of his low key demeanor - an interview he gave to Koel Poorie – where he quietly admits how he helped and supported mnik without even srk and karan knowing about it. This is a true example of helping with right hand and not letting the left know about it.

Let me post few links here to understand his refreshing down-to earth persona. This combined with the unusual intensity and commitment with which he tackles every role has earned him a lot of respect all around not only from his audience but people within his profession.

After thrashing the *%$# out of all the competition in sight by huge margins , look how quietly he goes back to his roots and tries to reconnect and be grounded……

Further in this age where everyone clings to success and wealth accumulation , his determination to seek and work with like-minded individuals even if it is means doing only a limited number of assignments with conviction is there for all to see. It isn’t surprising that Aamir has done fewer films than most in his relatively long career. But the unforgettable characters that he has essayed over the years have left an indelible impression of cinegoers.

More of this later in the day. Please watch these links, form an impression and we could discuss further..

ApexHeights said...

sorry forgot putting the links

Aamir 1

Aamir 2

ApexHeights said...

Here are the links to Koel Poorie

Aamir with Koel 1

Aamir with Koel 2

Aamir with Koel 3

ApexHeights said...

Enjoy your day !

Please do watch all the links and then form an opinion...

ApexHeights said...

Rajeev I did forget to put up the contrast to Ace Khan and in this case self proclaimed 'King' which started doing the rounds during Don days.

Initially there used to be the usual innocent blabber in each interview ‘I am the best’ sort of thing which seemed harmless as he was trying to make his presence felt being an outsider. Incidentally this was also a song from his movie too and we dont know the nmotives there... but it reached annoying stage very soon and most of his interviews and statements though usually began with ‘I don't mean to sound pompous’ came across just that by the end of the interview.

Statements like - “King Khan doesn't need publicity”, “I am too big a star for that" don’t dignify status of the reigning superstar. Do you remember the sawariya days where he went out of the way making statements ‘I will destroy them?’ etc etc.. where is the need compare yourself to a film with two newcomers and who are you to destroy them?

ApexHeights said...

Unanimity in perception and thoughts is cutting across the lines ..

Aamir endorsement

"I don't get impressed by actors easily but Aamir is in a different league. Lagaan [ Images ] and Taare Zameen Par [ Images ] are classics of Indian cinema. Aamir does not follow the Bollywood formula and is very passionate about his work. He reminds me of Guru Dutt," Murthy told PTI in an interview.

ApexHeights said...

whether he does the role or not look at the label of perfectionsist there.

Murthy, a close friend of the legendary actor-director ( guru dutt ) believes that only a perfectionist like Aamir can do justice to the role.

ApexHeights said...

"I was very close to Guru Dutt and he was a man of depth. Only a perfectionist like Aamir can do justice to him," said Murthy.

Pardesi said...

So? Murthy is one man and he has an opinion. And 100s of other men may have a different opinion.

Aaamir on the couch with Koel? Spare me the details of who all he called, is this his way to try and say some of MNIK earnings are thanks to him? We all know MNIK did not open in Mumbai until police protection was offered by the politicians. The Plexes were adamant in not screening the film.

The worst thing that ever happened to AK was that Big B called him perfectionist. Even Big B rues the day. As for Aamir, it has led to a steady decline in his acting ability and a proportional increase in attention to hairdo and styling of characters played by him. Perfectionists do not act in ripped off films - and even worse, make excuses that they were NOT ripped off!

ApexHeights said...

the argument here is perception and this was taza news hence murthy was quoted..

the koel link with mnik story was basically an example of doing things in low key manner

perfectionist is not bad tag for anyone pursuing art form esp bollywood is so cluttered and then healthy goal setting and striving are quite different from perfectionism.

Pardesi said...

Murthy was in news for much more important things lately! Zoya saw some of Guru Dutt in Aaamir already in LBC and there was also a photoshoot with Aamir as Guru Dutt and Katrina (I am LMAO) as Waheeda!!! Nothing new here.

Koel is a worthless interviewer, prime example of nepotism at work. Low key can be seen in press conferences every year that Aamir holds to celebrate his birthday. It is also hard to forget the 200 cr cake - that for so tasteful and low key!!

As for perfection - again I am LMAO!! If researching hairstyles is perfection then yes, it has been achieved.

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