March 16, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan urges Bollywood to take three key learnings from Hollywood

MUMBAI: At the inaugural session of FICCI –FRAMES, which kicked off in Mumbai today, actor - producer and IPL team owner Shah Rukh Khan highlighted some key issues plaguing the Indian film industry. Khan particularly urged the film fraternity to adapt some important learnings from Hollywood.

Khan said, "The three basic needs of every Indian - roti, kapda aur makaan - seem to have been fulfilled for most. There is now a fourth desire and that is entertainment and movies are a popular source of this fourth requirement. Another concept popularly emerging and posing to have a great future is sport entertainment. We are at the threshold of a huge burst on the entertainment arena in India and entertainment is the packaging of a growing economy."

Throwing light on the three key areas where Indian cinema needs to learn from Hollywood, Khan said, "The first is screenplay writing. It is not an art but a science. We need to find expertise in screenplay writing in order to globalize Indian cinema. The second is technology. I remember when I met Will Smith, an actor who does just two films a year and I asked him how he picks his films. He said, 'On the basis of creative satisfaction and a great superstar for a co-star.' When I asked him how did he judge if his co-star was a super-star, he said his superstar was 'VFX and technology.'"

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Minnie said...

There is nothing called crossover cinema, says SRK

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Tuesday said he is averse to the usage of the term 'crossover cinema' and felt that Indian film industry requires to share expertise and knowledge from Hollywood rather than just focussing on monetary investments.

"There is no such genre called 'crossover cinema'. Slumdog Millionaire is not a Bollywood film nor is Monsoon Wedding... or Bend it like Beckham an Indian film. We in India need to forge alliances to share expertise and knowledge with Hollywood rather than just monetary investments," Shah Rukh said delivering a keynote address on 'New Connect between Hollywood and Bollywood' at the inaugural of FICCI-FRAMES Conference in Mumbai.

The actor-producer felt the science of marketing in Hollywood is worth learning.

"We can learn new aspects of film making from Hollywood without giving up our cinematic individuality because we are a self sufficient film industry," he said.

Shah Rukh said Hollywood looks at screenplay writing not as an art but as a science.

"It can help us in exchanging knowledge to develop screenplay writing in that manner," he said.

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