March 8, 2010

Oscars: Worst Dressed!

The obvious counterpart to my Filmfare post. Unfortunately, the fug at the Oscars was limited and didn't quite manage to topple the Filmfares. Ce la vie. Maybe next year! Hope remains alive. :P

Miley Cyrus: It was a travesty that she was there in the first place but looking like this, OMG.

a.) Bad posture
b.) She was being pulled forward by vacuum sealed suction cups
c.) She's really just a well preserved 80 years old
d.) Her next role is the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Meryl Streep: You rock but you can't dress for crap. Or maybe I'm wrong and she planned on heading to a ski lodge in Colorado right after the awards shows. A dress made of fleece works perfectly. She won't even need a blanket in the cold.
Charlize Theron: high-end Anjana Sukhani, baby. Blooming rosebuds in strategic locations. :D
Sarah Jessica Parker: Horseface in a designer yellow towel she embellished herself with leftovers from the craft store.
Vera Farmiga: I so wanted to like this and I kind of do-- I mean in the sense that I can unstitch it and use it as bedspread in an old Victorian house where an old lady with a cat lives.
Molly Ringwald: A relic of the 80's wearing what looks like a relic of the 80's. It's only missing shoulder pads.
Mariah Carey: this little piggy went to the Academy Awards, this little piggy should have stayed home.
Zoe Saldana - Until Avatar, known as the poor man's Thandie Newton, should have accompanied Piggy Chops during her Greenathon gig on NDTV. She could have given a very appropriate lesson in recycling. How to use your bathroom rugs to make a dress and save the world.
Carey Mulligan: There's no reason on earth a young girl should be looking like an old boy with crow's feet and all. Who thought this was a good idea? Are they remaking Boys Don't Cry with Carey in the lead role? Maybe she's in character. Also, did they run out of fabric and couldn't complete the dress? There's like a gaping piece missing in the front. :P


Pardesi said...

Bravo!!! Princess comes through with yet another timely dress post! Miley was like a kid caught in a grown-up costume. Those were some ugly dresses. And Mariah Carey was simply :-o.

The Illusionist said...

Nobody noticed the smileys ? =))

Pardesi said...

We were too busy noticing the bad dresses, but WOW, we have cool smileys! Thanks Illusionist.

Kunal said...

So, this has officially turned into some fashion blog.....
Great going illusionists :P

Mimz the Great said...

^^Is that supposed to be a comment? WTF?

Write someone else.

Minnie said...

Mimz...let's bug the hell out of these men and have a weekly fashion column from you on what's cool and what's not :-)

BTW, there was some serious competition this year for the worst dressed star!

Tough choices...I couldn't decide between Theron's roses, Farmiga's ruffle overload or Saldana's rug :-)

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