March 3, 2010

“Mumbai belongs to all" - Asha Bhosle


“Mumbai belongs to all.” When legendary singer, Asha Bhosale, said these words in her velvety voice, nobody could say a word. And that includes Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray, who was sharing the dais with the singer when she made this statement.

The snub came on Sunday evening during an event, Swar-Asha, in Pune, organised by channel, Mi Marathi. It all began when Raj, in his speech, said: “Asha Bhosale has sung many songs in different languages. People in different parts [of India] accept these songs as their own. This happened only because she is Marathi.”

After Raj’s speech, television personality, Sudhir Gadgil, interviewed Bhosale and asked her to comment on the work done by migrants coming to Mumbai. “Mumbai belongs to all of India,” Bhosale replied. “No one can snatch the job of a man who works here [in Mumbai] from morning to evening. Our people [the Maharashtrian community] should also show the readiness to work hard.”

Raj chose not to react. MNS spokesperson, Shrish Parkar, also refused to comment. “I have nothing to say on this,” said Parkar. But a slight from Bhosale means a rejection from one of Raj’s political agenda by one of his own. Bhosale is known to be close to Raj and his uncle, Shiv Sena chief, Bal Thackeray.

When industrialist, Mukesh Ambani, and cricketing icon, Sachin Tendulkar, made similar statements a few days ago, they received flak from the Shiv Sena.

This time, however, the Sena chose not to comment.

After the event concluded, Raj and Bhosale had a brief discussion at the exit but what they spoke about was not known.


The Illusionist said...

I am glad that Ashaji has decided to give it back to those thugs, in the face. More power to her ! Interesting thing is more woman are speaking up..

Minnie said...

Why am I not surprised that women are the ones speaking out against this opportunistic Marathi jingoism? :-)

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