March 9, 2010

Listen to SRK's romantic hits


Pardesi said...

Thanks Illusionist - this is an excellent collection, love many of these songs.

Minnie said...

Thanks Illusionist- most of these are personal favorites of mine:-)

I just wish this feature could be added onto the main page of RL similar to the featured video. I know Pardesi has suggested this in the past and you thought it was going to be difficult to do that. If it is somehow possible, it will definitely be a unique and brilliant addition to the blog.

The Illusionist said...

Minnie - Based on your request, i have added featured audio on RL front page. But keep in mind, when you refresh the front page or go to any other page, you will lose the audio, just as with the featured video. This is the best i can do for now :-)

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