March 1, 2010

Filmfare: Worst Dressed!

Choose your favorite!

Simi Garewal looking like a killer swan from a future Tim Robbins movie:Crypt keeper Rekha in a full black velvet sari. Either she is still mourning her dead affair with Bachchan or auditioning for a desi Harry Potter movie.
Mugda Godse must have shrunk her petticoat in the dryer. I have no words.
Hahaha, Minisha wore her niece's Barbie playtime dress.
Mahi Gill in Geisha make-up and a dress only her mother could love:
Divya Dutta: Aunty gone mod
Maybe Anjana thought emphasizing a certain body part would get her more roles. Who knows.

Amrita Rao looking like she wore a dress she sewed herself and then went to work with the Bedazzler:


Pardesi said...

Princess is on a roll here! Hilarious. Mahie Gill had the WORST makeup I have ever seen, she looked like a painted street walker.

Avis said...


Divya Dutta : I am out of jail on bail.

Anonymous said...


The Illusionist said...

Thanks for sharing your expert opinion Mimz the GREAT ! You ROCK :-)

Minnie said...

My vote goes to Divya Dutta....a horrendous choice of dress !! How about a nice sari the next time around, Divya ?

Mimz the Great said...


manoj said...

Good post Mimz!

I found Mughda Godse the worst.

Rajiv said...

Divya Dutta looks like one of those women that parade my city´s red light area at night.

The Illusionist said...


Just wondering how do you know so much about your City's red light area ?.. :-)


Kunal said...

LOL finally something I actually liked reading about on dresses :D
Fantastic post indeed :D

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