March 2, 2010

Action Replay - synopsis (?) and making of Holi Song!

What is Action Replayy all about?

Here we got to hear sneak-peek rumours from the sets of Vipul Shah’s directorial ‘Action Replay’. After listening to them, our birdies feel that the director is set out to present a classy film in naya daur mein. Read on…

Starring Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, ‘Action Replay’ said to carry a retro feel, with the stars featuring like the people in seventies. For this, it seems the production team has spent lump some amount to get the perfect feel of those times. They said to have recreated elaborate sets, reflecting the 70s era, in Nitin Chandrakant Desai's studio in Karjat.

While it was easy for the actors to sink into the characters’ make-up and attire, the team had tough time to work on the old-fashioned backdrops – that include BEST buses, vintage cars – which are not available these days.

On the other hand; the director is very particular about the looks of his leading actors, he is also keeping everything under hush-hush. Said the concerned director, "We, Akshay's designer Shabina Khan, Aishwarya's designer Manish Malhotra and all of us have worked really, really hard to give Action Replayy a unique look. If that look is leaked out we'd lose our biggest USP."

Shah has roped in Hollywood's biggest makeup artiste Paul Pattison (Braveheart and Mission Impossible 2), who designed the wigs for the lead and others in the film.

‘Action Replay’ is a time-travel caper which is said to be loosely inspired from H.G. Wells' Time Machine.

Aishwarya in a Holi song in Vipul Shah's Action Replayy!


Mimz the Great said...

Hmm.. nice. If nothing else, I think Action Replay will have some fun songs considering Ash is in it. The only time I like her is when she's dancing. :D

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