March 8, 2010

55th Filmfare award performances - what worked and what did not

The 55th Annual FF awards were just telecast, the dresses were evaluated by Mimz, and now it is time to evaluate the performances. After all it is these chamiya acts and the chichorapan of the hosts that we all wait for every year!! (prominent by virtue of absence - the entire Bachchan parivaar)

Let me start with the first act - Deepika Padukone danced to a medley of songs from KCK and LAK. Have a look:

This girl is genuinely flatfooted and lifeless other than her LONG hands that she waves about sort of gracefully! This was much worse that anything I have ever seen her do, so two thumbs down.

Next up was Katrina Kaif. She danced to tunes from Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani and the act ranged from vigorous aerobic class (Main Tera Dhadkan Teri), sinuous snake like moves to some gibberish lyrics, then posing around for Tera Hone Laga Hoon, then back to aerobics in Hai Junoon.

The way Yash Uncle look on proudly beaming, I predict another Yash Raj film coming up for Katrina. My verdict - one thumb up, one down; she did better than Deepika.

Next up was Kareena Kapoor. She danced to Zoobie Doobi and on stage had almost all of the energy and charm of the song in the film. Kareena used to be very flat footed and gauche, but I give her most improved dancer award after this performance! She looked charming in that orange sari and the simple moves helped.

So no great shakes, but a standout in this lineup!

Next we had Riteish Deshmukh and Jacquelin Fernandez dance to a number from Jaane Kahaan se Aayi Hai! I liked this duo in Aladin. But on the FF stage while Riteish was energetic and cute, Jacquelin was merely passable, lacking rhythm or flow in her dance. The horrible costume did not help.

The scene stealer was the ending with JADOOOO!!!!

Next we had a tribute to Michael Jackson by Shahid Kapoor. Shahid tried really hard, the stage and setting was fantastic, but it is tough to be MJ, and no one other than Prabhu Deva should even try! Or maybe Kamal in his youth could do a crazy take.

Shahid is a great dancer, but MJ was MJ. End of story. (Wonder how Hrithik would have fared....)

The show ended with Salman Khan performing to his old and new hits starting from Oonchi Hai Building through Yeah Raat Aur Yeh Doori, all the way to Mera hi Jalwa from Wanted. Salman showed why he can still be a superstar despite the box office. He danced in his inimitable male stripper style but always full of energy! And when he finished with the London Dreams Barso Re Hanuman Chaleesa sequence the audience was shouting the lyrics with him. Instead of the usual inserted reactions, we saw what people felt in the moment.

For me Salman gave the best performance of the night, with Kareena coming a close second.

A word about the hosts! Saif and SRK showed chichorapan in ample measure with crude, lewd and rude jokes, often directed at themselves. Karan and Siddharth were too staid to be interesting, and the FF award function equaled the Oscars this year in ennui inducing fare.


Caulfield said...

I don't think SRK - Saif matched what they did last time when they were together. Baingan Bistar act was good, R Madhavan one was good, but in 2008 they were something else. They were not as funny in 2010 as in 2008.

Performances - Did not see any except Shahid Kapoor's one. And he did not disappoint me.

Pardesi said...

I thik SRK and Saif felt a bit flat because they were not targeting people. Let us face it - human nature loves dissing the worst more than praising what is best! That is why Oscar or FF worst dressed will get more comments and views than Best dressed. They tried to gather all the abuse on their own heads and in the process the comedy went out of the window barring a few funny moments.

Minnie said...

@Pardesi- You stole my lines...LOL.

Comedy only works if it is spontaneous! It never retains its inherent fun if the script has been made to go through a fine-toothed comb to eliminate all satire, barbs and jokes targeted at prigs like Gowariker who might be offended !! Seriously, we as Indians sometimes take ourselves so seriously that we have no ability to laugh at ourselves. No wonder all that we have been left with in the name of comedy is butt baring and peeing jokes- we clearly don't seem to be apalled by that kinda sense of humor!

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