March 23, 2010

Reellusions Quiz - Quiz #3

1. What's common between "Thank your lucky stars", "Two Guys from Milwaukee" and "Love Lottery"?

Which is the only Best Picture Oscar Winner to contain all of the letters of "OSCAR" in its title?

3. Identify the stars :


4. Sound Clip : This film won the Academy Award for best Screenplay. Identify the film.

5. The Title of the film "Shonar Kella" actually alludes to which twelfth century fortress city?


Pardesi said...

OK I know a very small number of these. But I am trying hard to be honest and not resort to Google baba for answers!

Here is what I do know:

1. Bogart (so noname says on KP)
2. Question is - is that only those letters or all those and more?
3. a Imraan khna
b. Aish?
c. Sushmita sen?

4. Is it Pulp Fiction?
5. Jaisalmer?

Caulfield said...

I only know the answer to the 5th question - Jaisalmer.

manoj said...

I had problems with my internet connection y'day so I'm a bit late. :(

3 a) Imran Khan
b)Priyanka Chopra
c)Sushmita Sen

starinthemaking said...

Pardesi you got all of them right :(
The second picture is of Asin.

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