February 27, 2010

Happy Holi


The Illusionist said...


May the festival of Color bring lots of joy and happiness to all of you !

Pardesi said...

Happy Holi everyone! Cauli what a nice selection of Holi songs and thanks for splashing RL front page with Gulaal!!!

The Illusionist said...

Damn ! This is work place discrimination. Anything i do to RL is never applauded. :-(


Pardesi said...

I thought the banner was Cauli's domain, sorry if I sent appreciation in the wrong direction! It looks nice so whoever did it should feel very happy!!!

Caulfield said...

I splashed colors on that banner. Who is trying to steal my credit???? x-( x-( x-(


manoj said...

Happy Holi to everyone

My all-time Fav Holi song:

Aaya Holi ka tyohar:Navrang

Minnie said...

Happy Holi to all of you RLers!

@Cauli: Thanks for such a colorful post and banner! Don't you worry at all...RLers are not like the 3I gang and we will not let you become another Chetan Bhagat :-)) Credit will be given where it is deserved !!

@Pardesi: I think Illusionist is probably alluding to some other work he did for the blog.... the info on the front page of RL and the oscar buzz....He seems to be crying for your attention and probably needs a pat on the back from you before he starts making happy faces again !!!

@Manoj: Great far, my fav song of holi too!

Caulfield said...



IMO, Nothing beats 'Rang Barse ki Bheega Chunar Waali Rang Barse'. In every Indian street you will hear this song played in Holi. EVERGREEN SONG!!!

Minnie said...

On the joyous occasion of Holi, here's a special dedication from my side to the eastern UP bhaiyaas :-)

Holi Hai

Caulfield said...


Caulfield said...


The Illusionist said...

@Minnie - Thanks for the assist :-)

Kunal said...

There is no festival which is better than Holi, or even half as good, one day to do whatever, one day to be get crazy with friends, and if you are anything like me, one day to actually have a bath :D
This festival has many songs dedicated to it, most famous is OFC Rang Barse, but since it has some lewd undertones, for that reason I never liked this song.

This one is my favorite Holi song,
Holi aayi from Mashal
Kishore Kumar- Lata, what can be better? OFC add Holi to the mix....

One of the most famous Holi folk song
Holiya mein udhe re gulal
Rajasthani song it is, I guess,

So, happy Holi to all.......

Pardesi said...

The Illusionist deserves all praise for RL, without him there is no RL. I am not saying this in a nasha of bhaang, but in all seriousness.

Minnie said...

Cauli & Kunal: Thanks for digging up this Mashal song...used to be one of my fav...brings back some very pleasant memories...kind of making me homesick :-(

Khanabadosh said...

Happy Holi to everyone!

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