January 7, 2010

I will make a good father, says Salman Khan

Mumbai: With rumours abounding about Salman Khan’s split with Katrina Kaif, we decided to get candid with the man himself. Sallu pauses for a second in true Bollywood style when asked about whether marriage is on the cards, and then blurts out, “Marriage will happen soon. I definitely want to get married. I have told my dad about it too.”

But if he gets married, will it be Katrina? Salman nods his head rather cryptically. “Has Katrina told you this (about the split)?” he questions. “This has to come from Katrina. I won’t react to these rumours because I know how and where they are coming from. You will never hear these things coming out of Katrina. I have been married off and broken off a billion times in the past; I don’t think I need to break my head over this. I do want to get married but I don’t want to go through what other people go through after marriage.”

He adds that he’s looking forward to being a papa. “I am sure I will make a good father. I love to spend time with kids and it would be a blessing to have kids of my own. Otherwise, why do you get married? Marriage is for the sake of children. One day I would definitely want to play with my own kids. Don’t worry, I won’t make you wait for too long,” he laughs.

“I am not just past forty but I am on the wrong side of it. I am forty-five. I do feel the strain of my age. I do run out of breath at times while doing strenuous action scenes or dance moves. But I also think that the only way to turn old is to kill the young man inside you. I am genetically stronger and I will still be able to do what I am doing for some more years,” Salman ends.

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Pardesi said...

What will he teach his kids? How to use Dadda ki Talwaar and large vehicles as weapons? Just kidding! I think age has matured Sallu Bhai.

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