December 24, 2009

A very short review of 3 Idiots

Sorry, can't write a detailed review right now, so here is my very short review of 3 Idiots -

3 Idiots has some genuine funny moments, but overall the film is very illogical. The main problem of the film is the writing. Though the dialogs were good, but the script as a whole was nothing but illogical. Hirani got confused on how much the film should be according to his Munnabhai reputation and how much of it should be Five Point Someone. In the end he makes a film which is a bit of Munnabhai and a bit of Five Point Someone. Hirani yet again tries to do a Hrishikesh Mukherjee but ends up making a David Dhawan kind of film .Tries to make Bawarchi but ends up making Hero No. 1.

Aamir Khan yet again disappoints. Does well in senti moments, but overacts in trying to show that he is still young and cool. Maddy, Sharman and Kareena were very good, but Boman Irani was the best IMO.



Pardesi said...

Thanks Cauli - yet to se the film. But BO reports predict a dhamaka - despite this troubling fact:

Aamir Khan may be going to town calling himself an idiot in a bid to promote his upcoming movie, but if the producers of 3 idiots and Delhi’s multiplex owners have their way, it is the moviegoer who may end up feeling like an idiot. With one of the most anticipated movies of the year set to hit theatres on Christmas, multiplex owners have decided to hike ticket prices for the movie by as much as 35 per cent. In short, a movie outing for four, which would otherwise cost Rs 600-800, would rob you by nearly Rs 2,000!
Reap when ripe
“We are looking at an increase of 20-30 per cent on weekdays and 35 per cent on the weekends across all our properties,” says Deepak Taluja of Fun Cinemas, explaining that multiplexes can increase ticket prices only twice a year and they look forward to the release of much awaited films to maximise on the opportunity. “Distributors approached us with this idea. So for 3 idiots, whose booking opens on Wednesday, we have increased our morning show price by 33 per cent with a marginal increase in others,” adds Rehan Ahmad of SRS Cinemas. PVR Cinemas and Satyam Cineplex while confirming an increase in ticket prices for 3 idiots, refused to divulge the exact hike, saying their management would meet to decide.
All izz not well
Shocked at the prospect of shelling out anywhere between Rs 350-1,000 (gold class) for a single ticket, youngsters are already feeling the pinch. “You can’t be sucking money just because the movie is highly anticipated,” says communication consultant Pupul Sinha, 26. College goers, who prefer the morning shows, are equally annoyed. “We are the worst hit of the lot,” says Fine Arts student Mahima Saraswat.
“Are we idiots? Who will pay so much, no matter how good a film is?” asks engineering student Mohit Sahni raising another vital point. “By doing this, they are inviting people to opt for the pirated version,” he adds.
The film’s producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, when contacted, said, “Talk to the cinema halls as I have no say in it.” But a source from the production revealed, “3 Idiots is a film people won’t mind shelling extra money for. That’s the strategy behind this decision.”
It is going to pinch
A morning show ticket usually costs Rs 50-75. The price may go well above Rs 150 - 200.

Gold Class tickets in PVRs may go up from Rs 850 to Rs 1000.

Multiplexes had increased their prices marginally when Om Shanti Om, Ghajini and Kambakkht Ishq had released.
While multiplexes are looking to hike ticket prices, single screen theatres want to counter this by going ahead with same prices [Rs 70-80 for Balcony, Rs 50-60 for Rear Stall and Rs 20-40 for the Front Stall]. Says RK Malhotra of Delite, “It is going to be unfair on the audience and secondly it is a win-win situation for us.” “The film is meant for college students, so a price hike would affect business negatively,” says Kishan of Sheila cinema.

Kunal said...

Thanks for your review, Cauli. A short one, ok, not so short one :P, but gave a good idea about what to expect. I guess people go for entertainment to movies, no matter what people would like you to believe, and this one seems to provide that.
Another winner from Aamir.

Kunal said...

Shetty's review of 3 Idiots

3 Idiots Review – Total Garbage

If you take a crappy Indian novel like Five Point Someone and pee all over it, is it any surprise that the end result should turn out to be a piece of mutated trash called 3 Idiots.

And to those of you who mindlessly blabber that 3 Idiots has nothing to do with Five Point Someone, we say: Baby, time you dusted off the cobwebs from your brain.

Read rest from the link

One user review that I loved, agree with it or not, it was hilarious, one of the biggest thing for me in a review is interestingness, it has this.
Didn't ask Shetty for his approval, but whatever I don't care whether he lets me or not :P

Waiting for his MNIK review already :D

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