December 27, 2009

Kishore Kumar and his insanely funny songs

Yes, the man was a genius who died before his time. He was a comic par excellence and if you have not seen films like Chalti Ka Naam Gadi, Padosan, New Delhi then do yourself a favor and watch them immediately. Of course he sang romantic melodies, sad songs, and rod songs and children's songs and sung them all with unmatched talent. BUT today I need to laugh and will focus on his uproariously funny songs. To start with I want to include songs in which we saw Kishore both on screen and off screen as the voice. But of course many a comic song was done by him in playback mode.

Let us start with the gem of a number from Chalti Ka Naam Gadi:

Kishore is woken up by a rain drenched Madhubala who has car troubles (this one is mildly funny and full on melody - do not worry, the comedy will only ramp up in a bit):

Our friend spends too much time girl-gazing and forgets to ask her for the repair money - and big brother (Asho Kumar) is a tartar, so off he is sent to get the money back. Now the comedy gets hilarious as the girl wil not let go of her black purse with the cash!

Now the fun really begins! Boy meets girl, there is romance, and the middle brother wants to know the whole story - this is a priceless comedic moment, and it is hard to pick which of the Ganguly brothers does a better act!

Next up is a trio of songs from Padosan. Kishore now is mentoring a rather "simple" Sunil Dutt in the art of love, and being his voice! This song created an insane buzz when it fiorst played on Al India Radio, but to see it on screen is a special delight!

Of Course the girl is not so easily won, especially since her music teacher is a tenacious fellow who will not let her give up the fight!

But the boy must not lose heart, so he has to be told he is this close to winning her over, and here Kishore has us in splits!

This one where Kishore sings in both voices in Half-Ticket is a classic song!

Let me end this post with Kishore in top form in Suniye suniye aaj Kal ki ladkiyon ka program!

Please feel free to add your favorites to this post! And laugh!

Read more about Kishore here!


Kunal said...

Wow pardesi, every song a gem, a class act, a bow worthy moment in any singer's career, and Kishore had so many of these.

I have always liked people who seem to be enjoying what they are doing, Kishore is a perfect example of this. For example, ek ladki bheegi bhagi si, now a romantic track, awesomely sung, and singer and actor had to much fun doing it that it just takes over the listener completely and he himself finds himself dancing and singing to this one.

Barah aana song, again from the same movie, whata song. Madhubala and Kishore were like made for each other. One had awesomely sweet smiling face, other had equally joyous voice. Kishore Kumar as a singer, actor, both, was fun fun fun to listen/see.

Padosan, every moment of the movie was a laugh riot. Which song or scene can you not describe as the funniest ever you saw?

Suniye suniye is like my fav Kishore song :D
I remember watching this song when I was really little, but it made such an impression that I never forgot it. Never even knew the name of the movie, but then thanks to youtube I was able to rewatch the comedic and singing brilliance of the man. And what a true song as well :P
As much of a truth as funny :D

Suniye suniye aaj kal ki ladkiyon ka program hahahahaaha

Thank you thank you thank you, Pardesi for such a mind boggling post.
Will add some more later. For now, let me listen to suniye suniye :D

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