December 31, 2009

Happy New Year RL

A man is sitting in his office, worn down by the weight of life in this hustling, bustling city...
He dreams of the simple life and nature, peace and tranquility.
One man's short dream and then . . . back to reality.


MyNaMeIsUMAR said...

Happy new year to all RLs
May this year bring a lot of happiness for all of u and all ur wishes r fullfilled

Caulfield said...

What a video!!!! How can one be so IMAGINATIVE?? It is the BEST piece of art I have seen.

Pardesi said...

Nice vid, and Happy New Year to al of you who have visited RL, read and posted here! Here's looking to a more vibrant and much improved blog on "all things entertainment" in 2010!

DrishtiKona said...

Happy and Prosperous New Year to all the RLists and their families !

Kunal said...

Very very very happy new year, people.
Heres wishing everyone a great year, and even better life.

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