December 23, 2009

Did Raju Hirani copy this scene in 3 Idiots from an Ad Film?

Shocking allegation that is doing rounds in the blogosphere! See for yourself and decide. Here is the 2nd promo of Three Idiots. Start at 49 seconds and see what happens:

Then see the end of this Ad film:

What is your opinion?


Rajiv said...

Nah. Aamir Khan saw the western clip, but due to short term memory loss he forgot the notion of "plagiarism".

Pardesi said...


Caulfield said...


But, I srsly don't think Aamir Khan should be held responsible here. It is the fault of the scriptwriter IMO. Similarly SRK shouldn't be held responsible for a scene in CDI which was a copy of Miracle(where the coach makes the players say that they play for the country and not their respective states). Neither should SRK or Akshay Kumar be held responsible for an OSO scene which was a copy of

P.S. - I know Rajiv, you were joking. ;)

Rajiv said...


Yes Caulfield, I was only joking.

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