December 17, 2009

Avatar review by Raja Sen: And then the lord created Avatar...

The most awaited movie of probably the whole decade released today, so this is a thread for all the reviews of the movie, Avatar. I am posting Raja Sen's review first.

Avatar is a stunning achievement, the definitive big-screen event of our generation. Words seem hopelessly inadequate to try and capture its spectacular three-dimensional glory, but suffice it to say that it sucks you in and immerses you smack bang into a whole new world, giving you a cinematic experience so goddamned rich it becomes impossible to assess it as a mere movie. Watch this, and watch it in 3D. Trust me.

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Kunal said...

WOW, some words for the movie, it trumps Lucas's Star Wars????

The first three-quarters of an hour of “Avatar” are dazzlingly spectacular. James Cameron trumps George Lucas and his “Star Wars” franchise, although he has to use 3-D to do it. Cameron has created aircraft that resemble no others on film. Also, he uncorks flying creatures that are twice as scary as thoseLucas fielded.

However, he cannot resist paying homage to the “Star Wars” innovator as he makes the ears of the Na’vi tribe of the planet Pandora a carbon copy of those of Lucas’ Yoda.


Kunal said...

James Cameron magnificent 3D extravaganza ‘Avatar’ is becoming the talk of the world.

Generating immense curiosity & delivering as per the hype ordered, the paid previews of the film had grossed Rs 1 Crore across India.

This sets the record for the highest gross collection for any Hollywood film in India.

Encouraging reports from CI single screens are pouring in adding more fat to the growing kitty of 20th Century Fox. Theatres in Delhi, Bihar, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhopal, Allahabad, Varanasi, Jalandar, and Jammu are reported to be going full house on its opening day.

Directed by James Cameron & Produced by 20th Century Fox, ‘Avatar’ is an epic action adventure. The film was first conceived by Cameron 14 years ago, when the means to realize his vision did not yet exist.

Avatar released worldwide on Dec 18 in 2D as well as 3D. In India, the film is dubbed in Hindi, Tamil & Telegu.


Kunal said...

In 15 years, the movie's visuals will be commonplace rather than extraordinary, and what will be left is a fairly silly story and James Cameron's personal vision. It will no longer seem revolutionary. But it will always be sweet, and gorgeous, and fun -- just like every James Cameron movie, from Terminator to True Lies. The man has a heart of gold and an unbeatable track record.

Something I relaly liked from this review,

One word about the 3D -- I saw the movie in 3D on Friday, then in regular 2D tonight. To my eyes, it's better in 2D. This is a basic complaint with the way that Real 3D works in theaters -- they give you the special glasses, which darken the image on the screen and simply make the images appear as flat layers on top of one another. The 3D effect actually counteracts the brain's natural tendency to process 2D images as representing a 3D world -- the flat layers actually look less real to me.

Pardesi said...

I loved his Terminator and T2, and True Lies is a guilty pleasure! The Governator rocked in Cameron's films.

On 2D vs 3D - 3D makes me nauseous, but I am hoping this will be better in visuals. Please warn me if it affected you, I will go on an empty stomach!

Kunal said...

oh no, this is sure a delight to watch in 3D, don;t know about 2d
Infact I have the same problem with IMAX, I get nauseated and headaches. Beowolf, I had to walk out.
I guess problem with those movies was that they were too dark, and it does put a lot of stress, but this one is glowing all the time, very bright. This helps a lot in enjoying the movie.

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